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spanish vocab 2

bored aburrido
adonde to where
agua water
ahora now
alegre happy
algo something
alguien someone, anyone
alli there
antes before
el ano the year
aqui here
el cafe the coffee
caliente hot
el campo
cansado tired
un carro a car
la casa the house
casi almost
el cielo the sky
un coche a car
comer to eat
con with
contento happy, content
how long
cuarto quarter (of an hour)
decir to say
despues afterward
en punto on the dot
entonces then
esperar to wait, to hope
la fiesta the party
frio cold
la gente people
hablar to speak
hacer to do
hambre hunger
hasta until
la hora the hour
hoy today
ir to go
el lago the lake
la leccion the lesson
la leche the milk
lindo pretty
luego later
el mar the sea
media half (time)
menos less
el mes the month
un miedo a fear
la montana the mountain
el mundo the world
nadie no one, nobody
ocupado busy
pasar to spend (time)
la playa the beach
el paseo the outing
preocupado worried
prisa haste
querer to want
un ratito a little while
el reloj the clock, the watch
el rio the river
la sed the thirst
la semana the week
siempre always
solamente only
un te a tea
tener to have
todavia yet, still
tomar to take, to drink
triste sad
trabajar to work
todo el mundo everybody
todos all
ya already