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Bio/Vit/Viv Roots

Bio: life; Vit/Viv: live, life

antibiotics a medicine used to save lives because it destroys harmful bacteria and cures infections
autobiography a piece of writing written by a person about his or her own life
biography a piece of writing about a person's life written by someone else
biologist a person who studies living things
biology the study of living things
biopsy the removal of living tissue from the body for diagnostic examination
biosphere the zone of planet Earth where there is life (between the deep crust and the lower atmosphere)
macrobiotic diet a diet thought to help people live longer because it focuses on natural foods
neurobiology the study of the nervous system of living things and how it helps the living things learn and react
symbiosis how two different living organisms live together and depend on each other
revitalize to bring something back after it declined in condition or popularity; to breathe new life into something
revive to bring back to life again
survival the ability to continue living
survivor a person who lives through a difficult event or experience
vital necessary or essential to life
vitality quality or state of being full of life; state of being full of energy
vitamin a tablet of substances that are thought to promote a healthy life
vivacious full of life; fun; lively; animated
vivid "as big as life"; brightly colored; daring
vivisection surgery on living animals; medical research that involves cutting into animals to study organs, parts, or diseases
Created by: nema.mcginnis