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Chapter 6-9

Latin Verbs

ambulat, ambulant walk
intrat, intrant enter
portat, portant enter
timet, timent fear, be afraid (of)
vehit, vehunt carry, convey, ride, sail, travel
it/eunt go
dat, dant give
exspectat, exspectant wait (for), expect
lacrimat cry
tenet, tenent hold, keep (back)
terget, tergent wipe
claudit, claudunt shut, close
currit, currunt run
vertit, vertunt turn
advenit, adveniunt arrive
aperit, aperiunt open, disclose
adit, adeunt go to, approach
exit, exeunt go out
inest, insunt be in
clamat, clamant shout
constat, constant be fixed, cost
monstat, monstrant point out, show
ornat, ornant equip, adorn
consistit, consistunt stop, halt
emit, emunt buy
ostendit, ostendunt show
vendit, vendunt sell
aspicit, aspiciunt look at, look
accipit, accipiunt receive
convenit, conveniunt come together, meet
abit, abeunt go away
balat, -ant bleat, ("bahbah")
declinat, -ant decline, inflect
errat, -ant wander, stray
latrat, -ant bark
ululat, -ant howl
iacet, -ent lie
lucet, -ent shine
accurit, -unt come running
bibit, -unt drink
ducit, -unt guide, lead, draw, trace
imponit, -unt place (in/on), put
petit, -unt make for, aim at, attack, seek, ask for, request
quaerit, -unt look for, seek, ask (for)
relinquit, -unt leave
reperit, -iunt find
est, edunt eat
Created by: stephaniem1999