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Chapters 6-9

Latin nouns

herba, -ae grass, herb
silva, -ae wood, forest
terra, -ae earth, ground, country
umbra, -ae shade, shadow
caelum, -i sky, heaven
campus, -i plain
cibus, -i food
lupus, -i wolf
modus, -i manner, way
rivus, -i brook
vestigium, -i footprint, trace
arbor, arboris (f.) tree
canis, canis (m./f.) dog
clamor, clamoris (m.) shout, shouting
collis, collis (m.) hill
declinatio, declinationis (f.) declension
dens, dentis (m.) tooth
mons, montis (m.) mountain
nubes, nubis (f.) cloud
ovis, ovis (f.) sheep
panis, panis (m.) bread, loaf
pastor, pastoris (m.) shepherd
sol, solis (m.) sun
timor, timoris (m.) fear
vallis, vallis (f.) valley
gemma, -ae gem stone
linea, -ae string, line
margarita, -ae pearl
taberna, -ae shop, stall
anulus, -i ring
collum, -i neck
digitus, -i finger
ornamentum, -i ornament, piece of jewelry
pretium, -i price, value
sestertius, -i sesterce (coin)
tabernarius, -i shopkeeper
prononmen, pronominis pronoun
lacrima, -ae tear
dativus, -i dative
malum, -i apple
oculus, -i eye
osculum, -i kiss
ostiarius, -i doorkeeper
pirum, -i pear
speculum, -i mirror
amica, -ae girlfriend
lectia, -ae litter, sedan
porta, -ae gate
via, -ae road, way, street
activum, -i active
amicus, -i friend
equus, -i horse
inimicus, -i (personal) enemy
locativus, -i locative
murus, -i wall
passivum, -i passive
saccus, -i sack
umerus, -i shoulder
praepositio (f.) preposition
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