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Verbos e vocabulário


Acordar To awake To remember
Borrar To stain To erase
Botar To place To throw out
Brincar To play To jump
Colar To glue To filter
Contestar To refute To answer
Fechar To close To date
Firmar To stabilize To sign
Latir To bark To palpitate
Pegar To get To strike
Reparar To notice To repare
Tirar To remove To trash
Trair/traer To betray To bring
O apelido vs. el apellido nickname vs. last name
A borracha vs. borracho/a rubber, eraser vs. drunk
A cadeira vs. la cadera chair vs. hip
A cena vs. la cena scene vs. supper
Embaraçado/a vs. embarazada embarrassed vs. pregnant
Esquisito/a vs. exquisito/a strange, unusual vs. exquisite
O escritório vs. el escritorio office vs. desk
A firma vs. la firma firm vs. signature
Largo/a vs. largo/a wide vs. long
O ninho vs. el niño nest vs. child
A oficina vs. la oficina repair shop vs. office
O polvo vs. el polvo octopus vs. dust
A salsa vs. la salsa parsley vs. sauce
A salada vs. salado/a salad vs. salty
O sobrenome vs. el sobrenombre family name vs. nickname
O talher vs. el taller cutlery vs. workshop
O vaso vs. el vaso vase vs. glass
Created by: mycrew1
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