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Cell Test Unit 6

The Cell

Luis is making a chart of components found in the human body. Which of these is the MOST important compound in the human body? Water
During an experiment, India examines prepared slides that her teacher has given her. One of the slides shows a single cell organism that lives in soil. It has a nucleus and several internal structures. To which the domain does the organism likely belong? Eukarya
Even when it is cold outside, the human body maintains an internal temperature of 37*C. Which term describes the maintenance of a stable internal condition? Homeostasis
When you eat an apple, you are eating a type of tissue that stores nutrients in plants. Which type of tissue stores nutrients in plants? Ground tissue
Under a high powered microscope, Dan sees a cellular organelle. The organelle has a double membrane, and the inner membrane is folded. the organelle contains its two DNA. Which organelle does Dan see? Mitochondrion
During photosynthesis, plant cells use sunlight as an energy source. Animal cells do not use photosynthesis. What organelle in cells makes it possible for plants to carry out photosynthesis? Chloroplast
****Amino acids combine to form one of the main molecules found in cells of living things. Which type of molecule is made of amino acids? **** Proteins
Jorge looks through a microscope and concludes that the cells he observes are eukaryotic cells. Which of the following structures did Jorge MOST LIKELY observe before making his conclusion? Nucleus
Emily knows that an organism must be able to perform all the functions necessary for life. Which of the following is an organism? Prokaryote
Katya listed major questions that scientists try to answer when they classify organisms. Her list included the following questions: How many living things are there? What are characteristics that define living things? What additional questions would b How are living things related?
Created by: simse