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Biology Chapter 18

What is the use of the down feather on the animals in the Class Aves? insulation Shell: lime; thick outer coating
What is the use of the contour feather on the animals in the Class Aves Flight, shape, and color Amnion: sac surrounding the embryo of the egg
what body shape does the birds have? spindle-shaped with head, neck, trunk, and tail. Amniotic fluid: protects and moistens the embryo of the egg
the neck of the birds are usually what? long and flexible Embryo: developing bird
Class Aves bones are made up of what type of bone? hollow bones Chorion: Membrane around embryo and yolk sac
the sternum of the birds are usually what? keeled Yolk sac: Nutrients for the developing bird
The Clavicle of the birds is usually what? fused Blood Vessels: Leads to embryo from yolk sac
How many heart chambers does the Class Aves have? 4 chambers Allantois: respiration; receives waste
are Class Aves animals endothermic or ectothermic and what does it mean? Endothermic, meaning warm-blooded Albumin: Egg white: unfertilized egg
The digestive system of the bird has what? crop and gizzard Air space: provides cushioning and air supply: unfertilized egg
Why are birds often seen eating sand? the grit they pick up assist in the grinding of food in the gizzard Shell membrane: Becomes chorion; underneath shell; unfertilized egg
what structure in birds is used for sound? the syrinx Yolk: Nutrient source; unfertilized egg
what does the excretory system of the birds lack and contain? they lack bladders, but contain a pair of kidneys that empty continually. Chalaza: Helps suspend embryo and yolk sac; unfertilized egg
what does the reproduction of Class Aves look like? Class Aves are oviparous with and egg enclosed in lime-containing shell.
what does precocial mean? it means a longer gestation period, and when the egg hatches, the animal will be prepared for life.
What does altricial mean? it means the gestation period is shorter and when born, the animal is helpless.
What is preening? it is the spreading of oil by birds to keep feather neatly arranged.
What are the 4 ways a bird keeps lightweight? One, the have hollow bones, two, their digestive system empties continually, three, their kidneys empty continually, and four, their air sacs are never full.
What animals do the Class Aves hold? the birds
What body covering is crucial for an organism to be categorized in the Class Mammalia? hair or fur
what are a few types of hair? guard hair, under hair, and whiskers
what is structure used for eating that all mammals have? teeth
what are the three different types of teeth? incisors, canines, and molars.
what is the function of the incisors? cutting
what is the function of the canines? tearing
what is the function of the molars? chewing and grinding
how many pairs of limbs do mammals usually have? 2 pairs designed for running, climbing, digging, grasping, swimming, or flying
how do mammals breath? with lungs
What structure, between the thorax and abdomen of mammals, assists in breathing? the diaphragm
how many heart chambers does the mammals have? 4 chambers
are animals in Class Mammalia endothermic or ectothermic and what does it mean? endothermic, meaning warm-blooded.
what is the reproduction of the Class Mammalia? viviparous with young sustained in uterus by placenta and an umbilical cord; some are oviparous and lack placenta.
what is a characteristic given to the Class Mammalia dealing with the feeding of young? milk secreted by mammary glands
Order Monotremata is home to what Mammals? the duck-billed platypuses with are egg-laying mammals(Oviparous)
Order Marsupialia is home to what Mammals? the kangaroos, koalas, and opossums, which are pouched mammals who lack placenta
What are the characteristics of the Oder Rodentia of the placental Mammals? they are the chewing mammals, like the rats, squirrels, mice, porcupines, and beavers, whose incisors grow constantly
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