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jeopardy RENAL

Smoking is #1 cause for this type of cancer? bladder
The main issue in treating BPH with pharmacological substances is to repress? hyperplasia
signs/symptoms for kidney cancer are? often silent may see weight loss, weakness and fatigue
sign/symptoms for bladder cancer are? gross painless hematuria, dysuria, and fequency
signs/symptoms for testicular cancer are? swelling in the testicle, firm nontender nodule
may have stent in place for 10-21 days ileal conduit
weak urine flow, loss of caliber used for what type of prostate problem? BPH
urinary diversion can be used for incontinent/continent patients true
continuous bladder irrigation prevents obstruction of the catheter
can cause postural hypotension in BPH canson
cancer highly treatable and curable testicular
cancer that has spread throughout the body metastasize
signs and symptoms of prostate cancer are hematuria, nocturia, urinary retention
one of the complications of BPH hematuria
orthotopic bladder reconstruction is to create a new bladder from? intestines
2 types of cancer have silent symptoms kidney and bladder
reddish-orange urine with this drug phenazopyridine pyridium
STE/TSE self testicular exam testicular self exam
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