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Human Body Systems

Opening in eye where light enters Pupil
System that provides support and protection for body Skeletal
Part of brain known as the "little brain" that controls movement,balance and ability to learn Cerebellum
Transparent covering of eye Cornea
Vision is processed in which lobe? Occipital lobe
Which lobe is responsible for hearing? Temporal lobe
Personality and impulse control is processed in which lobe? Frontal lobe
Touch and sensation are processed in which lobe? Parietal
The part of the brain that controls involuntary life functions including heartbeat, breathing and digestion Brain Stem
System responsible for moving bones Muscular System
Common name for the larynx Voice box
Common name for the trachea Windpipe
Common name for the pharynx Throat
Large muscle that rises and lowers causing a person to exhale and inhale Diaphragm
Air sacs in lungs where carbon dioxide and oxygen are exchanged Alveoli
Trachea splits into two tubes called Bronchi
Bronchi branches into smaller structures called Bronchioles
Colored part of eye Iris
Water-like fluid between cornea and lens Aqueous humor
Jelly-like fluid between lens and retina Vitreous humor
The white part of your eye is the Sclera
Part of eye that contains the rods and cones Retina
Photoreceptor that helps you see color Cones
Photoreceptor that helps you see black, white, gray and in dim light Rods
What happens to your pupil in a dark room? Grows larger - dilates
What is the purpose of the vitreous and aqueous humor? To give eye its shape
Part of eye that focuses light onto the retina Lens
What connects bone to bone? Ligaments
What connects bone to muscle? Tendons
What relays impulses between the brain and other parts of your body? Spinal cord
When two eggs are released and fertilized, what type of twins develop? Fraternal twins
The female organ that contains eggs Ovaries
When one egg is fertilized and spits in two, what type of twins develop? Identical twins
The male organ that produces sperm Testes
The organ where the baby develops Uterus
The uniting of sperm with egg is called Fertilization
Fertilization usually takes place in the Fallopian tube
The male reproductive gamete Sperm
The female reproductive gamate Egg
What process forms gametes? Meiosis
After fertilization, by what process does the developing embryo grow? Mitosis
Sac that contains the testes Scrotum
Nerve cell is called a Neuron
Soaks up digested material in small intestines and carries to bloodstream Villi
Branched region of neuron that receives impulses Dendrites
Long threadlike part of a nerve cell along which impulses are conducted from the cell body to other cells. Axon
Center of the neuron Nucleus
The impulse travels from the dendrite to the axon to the _____ before jumping on to another neuron. Terminal fibers
Where does digestion begin? Mouth
What type of digestion happens in the mouth? Chemical and Mechanical
What type of digestion happens in the stomach? Chemical and Mechanical
What is the wave-like motion that squeezes food through the digestive tract? Peristalsis
Three parts of the circulatory system. Heart, blood, blood vessels
Name the chambers of the heart. Right and Left Atrium and Right and Left Ventricle
Which side of the heart pumps harder? Why? The left side pumps harder because it has to pump blood to all parts of the body.
What color is deoxygenated blood? Dark Red
Universal blood donor Type O
Type A blood can be given to which types? A and AB
Type AB blood can be given to which types? Only AB
Muscle in the respiratory system that lowers allowing the lungs to fill with air Diaphragm
What is produced in the bone marrow? Red Blood Cells
Heart muscle is also called? Cardiac muscle
Muscles that are attached to bones. Skeletal muscles
Muscles found in the digestive tract Smooth muscles
Purpose of vitreous and aqueous humor? To give the eye its shape
Part of the brain that is made up of four lobes Cerebrum
What relays information from the brain to other parts of the body? Spinal cord and nerves
The releasing of an egg from the ovary is called Ovulation
Fluid is added to the sperm in the Seminal vesicles
An embryo grows by what process? Mitosis
The baby receives its nutrients from the mother's ___? Blood
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