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Sports Med 2

Concussion Caused by bum, blow, or jolt to the head \/ Changes the way your brain normally works \/ Can happen even if you have not been knocked out
CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Olfactory Cranial Nerve I - Sense of smell
Optic Cranial Nerve II - Vision
Oculomotor Cranial Nerve III - Eyelid and Eyeball movement
Trochlear Cranial Nerve IV - Turns eye downward and lateral
Trigeminal Cranial Nerve V - Chewing \/ Face/Mouth touch and pain
Abducens Cranial Nerve VI - Turns eye laterally
Facial Cranial Nerve VII - Control most facial expressions \/ Secretion of tears and saliva \/ Sense of taste
Vestibulocochlear (Auditory) Cranial Nerve VIII - Hearing \/ Equilibrium sensation
Glossopharungeal Cranial Nerve IX - Taste \/ Sense carotid B.P.
Vagus Cranial Nerve X - Sense aortic B.P. \/ Slow heart rate \/ Taste \/ Stimulates digestive organs
Spinal Accessory Cranial Nerve XI - Controlling swallowing movements
Hypoglossal Cranial Nerve XII - Control tongue movements
Anterior/Ventral Front of the body
Posterior/Dorsal Back of the body
Superior Situated above
Inferior Situated below
Medial To the middle
Lateral To the side
Distal Located farthest away from the median plane or point of attachment
Prone Lying face down
Supine Laying face up
Deep Away from the surface
Superficial On or close to the surface
Flexion To bend, decrease the angle of a joint
Extension To straighten, increase the angle parts of a joint
Abduction Away from the mid-line
Adduction Toward the mid-line
Rotation Movement around a central axis
Circumduction Movement in a circular pattern that oultines a cone
Supination Rotation of the forearm so that the palm is turned superiorly or anteriorly
Pronation Rotation the forearm so that the palm is turned posteriorly or inferiorly
Inversion Sole of foot turned inward
Eversion Sole of foot moved outward
Elevation Raising a body part
Depression Downward movement of a body part
Protraction Movement of a body part forward
Retraction Movement of a body part backward
Sprain Injury to ligament
Strain Injury to muscle/tendon
(1*) First Degree Injury Stretched but not torn
(2*) Second Degree Injury Partial Tear
(3*) Third Degree Injury Completely torn in half
c With
s Without
ADL Activities of daily living
ROM Range of motion
L Left
R Right
NWB Non weight bearing
WNL Within normal limits
Abd Abduction
Add Adduction
Od Once a day/Overdose
Bid Twice a day
Tid Three times a day
BP Blood Pressure
HR Heart Rate
CBC Complete blood count
S/S Signs and symptoms
c/o Complains of
IV Intravenous
CSF Cerebral spinal fluid
CV Cardiovascular
LOC Level of consiousness
EENT Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat
Dx Diagnosis
Fx Fracture
Hx History
MMT Manual muscle training
MI Miocardial infarction (Heart attack)
PEARL Pupils equal and reactive to light
PNF Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation
Post- op Post Operative
PRE Before
R/O Rule out
ACL Anterior cruciate ligament
SCI Spinal cord injury
UA Urinalysis
EMS (modality) Electrical muscle stimulation
EMS (911) Emergency medical services
UTI Urinary tract infection
~ About
...itis Swelling, inflammation
Neuro... Nervous system (brain, nerves)
Derma... Skin
...ectomy/...otomy Surgical removal
Anthro... Joint
...plegia Paralysis
Costo... Rib
Chondro... Cartilage
Osteo... Bone
Myo... Muscle
+ Positive/present
_ Negative/not there
Created by: kamikolily