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Sports Med

Which of these bones is NOT a long bone in the body? A) Radius B) Rib C) Femur D) Tibia B) Rib
Which bone is considered a short bone in the body? A) Carpals B) Patella C)Tarsals D) All D) All
The scapula is grouped with the irregular bones in the body? True False False
What is the correct order for the four stages of fracture healing? Inflammation, Soft Callus, Hard Callus, Remodeling
Ligaments connect one bone to another bone. True False True
How many tarsal bones in the body? 7
How many true ribs on the body? 7
How many carpal bones in the body? 8
Which type of fracture is most severe and requires EMS to be called? Compound
All fractures heal at the same rate no matter the person's age, health, or type of fracture. True False False
Which mineral do the osteoblasts lay down on the collagen matrix to build bone? Calcium
When are your bones the most flexible? As a kid
How many false ribs in the body? 3
How many thoracic vertebrae in the body? 12
How many cervical vertebrae in the body? 7
How does CPR help when a person goes into Cardiac Arrest? It helps the blood flow through the heart and to the brain.
How many minutes can the brain go without oxygen before brain damage begins to occur? 4-6 minutes
What is the first thing a person should do before beginning CPR? Check the scene is safe.
What is the compression to breaths ratio for adult CPR? 30:2
How many chest compressions should be given each minute when giving CPR? 100
When you deliver the first rescue breath, what would you do if the chest does not rise? Reposition the head using head-tilt chin lift
What is the first step to using an AED? Turn on the AED
Interruptions during CPR should be kept to under how many seconds? 10
Why should you use gloves and a mouth barrier device when delivering CPR? To prevent the rescuer from contracting a disease.
What is the norm. resting pulse rate? 60-80 beats per minute
What is the norm. blood pressure level? 120/80 or lower
After blood travels through the Pulmonary Artery, where does it go next? Lungs
After blood travels through the Left Ventricle, where does it go next? Pulmonary Artery
Blood returns to the heart form the body through which structure? Vena Cava
Pulmonary circulation is defined as blood that circulates from the heart to the rest of the body. True False False
Which blood structure seperates the deoxygenated blood from mixing with oxygenated blood? Septum
What is the max heart rate for an individual who is 30 years old? 190
What is the name for an irregular heart rhythm? Arrhythmia
Which structure carries blood back to the heart? Veins
The nervous system is split into two divisions. What are they? The Peripheral Nervous System and The Central Nervous System
What is NOT a type of spinal cord injury? Concussion
About how many people per year sustain a spinal cord injury in the U.S.? 11,000
The peripheral nervous system is made up of sensory and motor neurons. True False True
The central nervous system is made up of: The brain and the spinal cord
The long terms effects of concussions are still unknown. True False True
When an athlete sustains a concussion before the initial concussion has had a chance to heal? Second Impact Syndrome
How quickly does brain death begin to occur during second impact syndrome due to rapid swelling of the brain? 3-5 min
The S/S of a concussion can include headache, memory loss, balance problems, double or fuzzy vision, and dizziness. True False True
Created by: kamikolily