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开始 start
放假 break
开心 happy
有点儿 a little bit
班主任 form teacher
听说 to hear of
关心 care
告诉 to tell
to receive, to collect
班会 class meeting
to pick, to choose
to serve as
班长 class leader
认为 to think
热心 warm-hearted
人缘儿 personality
人选 candidate
活动 activity
过来 come over
放心 stop worrying
帮忙 helpful
to add, to make
见面 to meet
谈得来 to get along with
成为 to become
认真 conscientious
不得了 extremely
课外 extracurricular
项目 item
垒球 softball
排球 volleyball
体操 gymnastics
增加 to add
划船 to row a boat
空手道 karate
高尔夫球 golf
高兴 happy
除了。。。以外 besides, excepts
加入 to join in
交响乐 orchestra
group, team
to practice
group, team
练习 practice
游园会 festival
to set up
摊位 stand, stall
班上 in class
正在 currently, in the process of
虽然 although
但是 but
舞会 dance party
to lose
to win
Besides playing basketball, he also plays cricket. 他除了打篮球以外,还打板球。
Besides our form teacher being a Chinese teacher, she also teaches math. 我们班主任除了教汉语以外,也教数学。
Besides me, my younger brother will also go. 除了我以外,我弟弟也要去。
Besides Xiao Ming, everyone came. 除了小明以外,大家都来了。
Besides you, everyone wants to go and watch a movie. 除了你以外,大家都要去看电影。
Besides rain, I'll go swimming everyday. 除了下雨天以外,我天天都去游泳。
The test is coming soon, everyone is studying. 考试快到了,大家都在忙着学习。
Hurry up! Everyone is waiting on you! 快点儿!大家都在等着你呢!
The test is coming up, I have to study well. 考试快到了,我得好好学习。
Tomorrow, I cannot go play, because I have to prepare for a test. 明天我不能出去玩儿,因为我得准备考试。
Today I didn't eat breakfast, right now I'm extremely hungry. 我今天没吃早饭,现在饿得不得了。
His dad is extremely fierce. 他爸爸凶得不得了。
I've been extremely busy lately. 我最近忙得不得了。
Although he joined the soccer team, but he rarely goes to practice. 他虽然加入了足球队,但是不常去练习。
Although school has a lot of activities, but he won't join any of them. 虽然学校有很多活动,但是他什么都没参加。
Although the morning's weather was very nice, but the afternoon rained. 虽然上午天气很好,但是下午下了大雨。
Wednesday afternoon is their school's extracurricular activity time. 星期三下午是他们的学校课外活动时间。
*There are many extracurricular activities at school, every student may choose their favorite. 学校的课外活动项目很多,每个同学都可以选到自己的喜欢。
What activities do you participate in at school? 你在学校参加什么课外活动?
*She joined the soccer team, every week has to practice ball three times. 她加入足球队,每个星期要三次练球。
He joined the school's orchestra, every Sunday have to practice violin twice. 他加入学校的交响乐团,每个星期天要有练小提琴两次。
Our school's basketball team plays very well, often attend tournaments. 我们学校的篮球队打得很好,常常要参加比赛。
This year school has a lot of activities, students are all extremely busy. 今年学校的活动很多,同学们都忙得不得了。
Although everyone is busy, but every is busy-happy. 虽然大家都很忙,但是忙得很开心。
Besides the soccer team, he also joined the basketball team. 除了足球队以外,他还加入了篮球队。
Besides tennis, she also likes playing ping pong. 除了网球以外,她也喜欢打乒乓球。
Besides my younger sister, my whole family likes Chinese food. 除了我妹妹以外,我家每个人都喜欢中国菜。
Besides him, my friends all joined the karate team. 除了他以外,我朋友都加入了空手道队。
Although there are many activities, but he doesn't like them. 虽然有很多活动,但是他都不喜欢。
Although she and I are classmates, we don't get along. 虽然她和我是同学,但是我们谈不来。
Although that shirt is too tight, but she still wears it often. 虽然那件衬衫太瘦了,但是他常常穿。
Although I am extremely bust, but I still call my mom everyday. 虽然我忙得不得了,但是我还是天天打电话给我妈妈。
Although it's cold, but he still goes swimming. 虽然很冷,但是他还是去游泳。
I don't like participating in extracurricular activities, but I have to choose one to participate in. 我不喜欢参加课外活动,但是我得选了一个参加。
He's not happy, because he cannot choose an activity he likes. 他不高兴,因为他不能选喜欢的活动。
I joined the karate team, it's very fun/interesting. 我加入了空手道队,很有意思。
Our school has a sports carnival every year. 我们的学校每年开运动会。
My younger brother joined the rowing team, everyday has to practice. 我弟弟加入了划船队,每天要练习。
Although he does poorly in school, but his personality is good. 他虽然学习不好,但是人缘儿很好。
Besides Sunday, he everyday has to practice ball. 除了星期天以外,他每天都要练球。
Tomorrow, I have a test, night have to study well. 我明天要考试,晚上得好好学习。
Besides Chinese, older sister can speak Japanese. 姐姐除了汉语以外,也会说日语。
This year's activities I picked swimming, but I think I chose the wrong item. 今年的课外活动我选了游泳,可是我想我选错了项目。
I joined the soccer team, one week have to practice three times. 我加入了足球队,一个星期得练三次球。
Younger brother is going to participate in a science contests, right now every day he prepares. 弟弟要参加科学比赛,现在天天都在做练习。
I think school should add rowing. 我觉得学校应该增加划船。
Created by: mma129
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