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Stack #151927

Science Chapter 1 Study Guide

The smallest group into which an organism is calssified is a species
Evidence that an organism has lived in the past can be found on a fossil
An organism's home is called its habitat
Cells that work together are found in tissues
A living thing that might be found in a drop of pond water is amoeba
A long period of time with little rain or water is called a drought
The largest group into which any living thing can be classified is a Kingdom
When harmful substances are added to Earth's air, water and land, it is called pollution
How an organism changes over time can be found in a fossil
Smoke and pollution from factories that is found in rain is called acid rain
The smallest unit that makes up all living things is called a cell
A group of tissues working together is called an organ
The user of food that a producer makes is called a consumer
Too many of one kind of living thing is called overpopulation
An organism that no longer lives on the Earth is called extinct
The set of steps in which organisms get their food is called a food chain
2 reasons the dinosaurs became extinct were disease, meteorites, volcanoes