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Europe Mid Term

study stack for most of the questions on the mid term

These are high platforms used during floods and high tides. terpens
What did the Dutch create so that more lands could be used for growing crops and building settlement? levees and polders
These have been seriously damaged by acid rain, pollution entering the atmosphere when sulfur emissions from factories and water vapor combine. Black Forest
How much of the Netherlands was once underwater? 40 percent
Which landforms make up the city of Venice? Islands
What are two abundant resources in Europe? Peat and oil
How are goods and people moved throughout the city of Venice? Boats and Canals
Europe’s forests are being destroyed because of which two reasons? Acid Rain and deforestation
Which form of government means “majority rule”? democracy
Which form of government means “the public thing” or “the law”? republic
What caused a huge demand for wood during the 1700s and 1800s industrialization
How much of Europe’s forest have been destroyed since Roman times? 99 percent
What is the one positive of Europe's open plains? agriculture
Where is most of Europe's oil found? North Sea
What is happening within the canals in Venice? pollution
What is the most common form of government in the world? oligarchy
The proper role of government is to protect what? rights
Which civilization was the first to experiment with a republic? Rome
The flaw of this type of government is that is doesn't actually exist, it is usually an oligarchy. Monarchy
The flaw of this type of government is that it is not a stable form of government. anarchy
What type of government does America have? republic
What has agricultural runoff in the canals in Venice caused? Killer algae
Which countries are located on the Scandinavian Peninsula? Norway and Sweeden
Which country is located on the Italian Peninsula? Italy
Which countries are located on the Iberian Peninsula? Spain and Portugal
What is the main country located on the Jutland Peninsula? Denmark
What is the main country located on the Balkan Peninsula? Greece
in what year did Europeans begin drilling for oil? nineteen seventy one
Why did the Dutch people need to recover more land from the Sea? growing population
Which sea did the Dutch block off and turn into a freshwater lake? North Sea
People been clearing the forest in Europe since when? Ancient Times
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