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DOC Basic Exam 1

MOSOP Missouri Sex Offender Program
MVE Missouri Vocational Enterprises
SOAR (Values) Staff, Offender success, Accountability, Restored communities
Probation Convicted with no incarceration; Prison alternative.
Parole Must have been incarcerated (and then released); Average parole is 13 months.
How many members are on the Board of Probation & Parole? Seven (7), including the Chair Person.
Where are the Community Release Centers and who is eligible to live in them? St. Louis and Kansas City. Offenders within one (1) year of parole that are also eligible to work in the community are eligible to enter the release centers. Community Supervision Centers are several cities, and Residential Facilities are contracted.
What are the four (4) levels of supervision for Probation & Parole? Initial Assessment Phase (IAP), Intervention Level III (III), Intervention Level II (0II), and Intervention Level I (001). [From most to least strict, respectively.]
DAI Division of Adult Institutions. Responsible for operation of the 22 correctional centers and the CARE, CUSTODY, and CONTROL of incarcerated offenders.
What are the requirements for an individual to enter an adult institution in Missouri? By Missouri Law, a felon MUST be 17 years of age (or older) OR certified as an adult by the Circuit Court AND have a sentence of not less than one year.
DHS Department of Human Services, specializes in professionally trained staff.
Missouri Statute 217.410 Failure of a staff member to report offender abuse is against the law.
Professionalism The EXPECTED behavior displayed by an individual when interacting with people or handling situations, whether in personal or professional life.
Integrity Doing what is right, even when no one is watching.
What are the three (3) reasons for employee substance abuse testing? Safety, security, and public perception.
What are the steps in the Five (5) Step Decision Making Model? 1. Clarify the issue and identify the stakeholders; 2. Cite the applicable laws; 3. Identify alternatives or options; 4. Think through the consequences of each alternative; 5. Choose the best course of action
What are the three (3) sexual harassment identifiers? Verbal, Visual or Non-verbal Expression, and Physical.
What are the two (2) categories of sexual harassment? Quid Pro Quo and Hostile Work Environment.
Pro Tip: "Never get your honey where you get your money."
Created by: MODOC
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