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Weathering Erosion

Ex:Sediments Deposition and Info about Rivers

How is earths surface built up and torn down by deposition picking things up and then dropping them erosion smooths out rock and erosion erodes rock formations completely apart weathering can completely change the substance and physical appearance of any type of matter all of this effects rock f
Does gravity pull things down through a magnetic field. Yes
What does weathering mean The gradual breaking down of rock
What does sediment mean Broken done soil and rock materiel that results from weathering
What does chemical weathering mean The breakdown of rocks caused by chemical reactions.
What does oxidation mean When iron reacts with oxygen and creates rust
What does physical (mechanical) weathering mean The breaking down of rock without any chemical change of composition
What does ice wedging mean Expansion of water in a rock when the water freezes.
What does erosion mean Movement or removal of weathered material
What does gravity mean The force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth or toward any other physical body having a mass
What does deposition mean The laying down or depositing off eroded materiel
What does groundwater mean Water underground
What does aquifer mean A layer of rock where groundwater can flow freely
What does water table mean The top of the aquifer
What does tributary mean A river or stream flowing into a larger river or lake
what doses meander mean A slow wide curvy river system
What does delta mean A river delta is a land from that is formed at the mouth of a river. deltas are formed from the deposition of the sediment carried by the river as the flow leaves the mouth of the river.
What does glacier mean Its a large mass of slowly moving ice
What does moraine mean A mass of rocks and sediment carried and deposited by a glacier
How does wind cause erosion The wind blows and other broken bits of rock over earths surface. These bits of rock hit other surfaces causing abrasion and wearing away the softer rock materiel.
How does water cause erosion Rushing water in streams and rivers cause water to break into smaller pieces and carry them away. Water is responsible for the bulk of erosion on the planet.
How do plants cause erosion Trees and plants cause weathering through there roots. Roots break up rocks forming sediments that form sedimentary rocks.
How do animals cause erosion When they borrow into the ground they make tunnels through hard rock under ground surface rocks also get crushed when animals tread on them and also deposit materials of organic nature which interact with the minerals in rocks thus causing weathering.
How does gravity contribute to erosion. Gravity aids erosion or other precipitation as a result of the constant downward pressure pulling all things towards the center of the earth
What materials and forces combine to create landslides mudslides and avalanches Rocks soil water and gravity
What are some landforms created by weathering erosion and deposition Valleys canyons rock formations cliffs beaches deltas meanders floodplains wetlands caves and moraines
How do human activities impact erosion Mining pollution clearing land construction and sooooo much more
How are caves formed Chemical weathering and erosion as soft rock such as limestone is worn down and removed leaving caves behind
How are rock towers into the desert formed Wind weathering and erosion as softer rock is removed by the process of abrasion leaving towers of harder rock materiel behind
How are river deltas formed By a large amount of sediment is deposited at the mouth of a river as it enters into a larger body of water
How are u shaped valley formed Erosion by glaciers slowly carving out wide valleys as it creeps downward
How are v shaped valleys formed Erosion by water as it carves out steep valleys on keys way downward.
Created by: keira