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6th grade science

The blending of pitches through interference produces an instruments --? sound quality
Longitudinal wave caused by vibrations and carried through a medium is --? sound wave
An echo is most likely to result when sound hits a surface that is --? smooth and hard
The motion of either the listener or the source of a sound causes --. The Doppler effect
The amplitude of a sound’s waves determines the sound’s --. loudness
Frequencies two or more times the fundamental frequency is --? overtones
The frequency of a sound wave determines the --? pitch of the sound
The medium through which sound waves travel affects the --? speed of sound
Unit for measuring loudness is --? decibel
Sounds with frequencies higher than 20,000 Hz are --? ultrasonic sounds
A person experiences a sonic boom when --? A shock wave reaches the ears.
Vibrates when struck Percussion instrument
What results from long-term exposure to loud sounds? tinnitus
The use of reflected sound waves to find food or other objects is --? echolocation
Vibration that causes standing waves inside its air column Woodwind instrument
What occurs when two sound waves overlap each other? interference
A pattern of vibration that looks like a wave is at rest is a --? standing wave
The sound produced by one object causes another object to vibrate is --? resonance
Created by: tlhoppe