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Magistra Ebert

Chapter 11 and 12 (Vocabulary)

Via Appia The Appian Way
vilicus overseer
dominus master
area open space
ira anger
illa nocte that night
porta gate
plenus full (masc)
quamquam although
mussare to mutter
effugere to flee
impedire to hinder
se celare to hide (himself)
verberare to beat
abesse to be away
uxor wife
parens parents
numerus number
celeriter quickly
bonus good (masc)
canis dog
invenire to find
convocare to call together
rogare to ask
vinea vineyard
fossa ditch
ferre to bring
olfacere to smell
latrare to bark
trahere to drag
immobilis motionless
cum with
Unde? From where?
Quocum? With whom?
nocte at night
aestate in summer
tribus diebus in three days
Quando? When?
cum patre with the father
cum matre with the mother
magna voce loudly
Quomodo? How?
Cave canem! Be aware of a dog!
Created by: ebert.irina