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OAA Reading Vocab #2

20 vocabulary words to help on the OAA.

plot The series of events or the action in the story. "What happened in the story?"
summary One or two sentences that ell the main points of the story.
theme This is an important idea or concept expressed in the story. It is the main idea or meaning behind a story.
climax This is the turning point of the story. It begins to reveal how the conflict or problem of the story will be solved.
headings The title, subtitle, or topic that stands at the top or beginning of a letter, chapter, or graph.
mood Words used to indicate or show the speaker's attitude or feelings toward something in the story.
author's purpose Questions that ask you to figure out why the author wrote the text: **to persuade or convince? **to inform or teach? **to entertain people?
passage Something in written form that tells a story or provides information.
excerpt A passage or segment taken from a longer work.
labels An item or name used to identify something or someone.
narrator Someone who tells a story. or One who speaks.
genre A type of writing. Some examples: **biography **mystery **fantasy **science fiction **fiction **nonfiction **drama **poetry **play **adventure
simile A figure of speech in which two unlike things are compared with a phrase introduced by LIKE or AS. "He is as light as a feather." "He's like a bull in a china shop." "She is as quiet as a mouse."
personification A figure of speech in which an idea, object, or animal is given the qualities of a person. "The window winked at me." "The rain kissed my cheeks." "The car engine coughed."
supporting detail Sentences or facts that support and provide more detail about the topic sentence or main idea.
metaphor Words that show how 2 things that are not alike in most ways are similar in one important way. "Tommy is such a hog." "Our cat is a bolt of lightning." "All the world is a stage."
idiom An expression whose meanings cannot be inferred from the meanings of the words that make it up. "It's raining cats and dogs." "He was just pulling my leg." "She let the cat out of the bag."
word bank A chart or list of vocabulary words and their definitions. These words are used in the written story, passage, article or selection.
main idea The main topic of a paragraph that tells what all the sentences are about. It is often found at the beginning of a paragraph.
poet A person who writes poems.
Created by: Anderson11


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