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rock soils mining junior cert

igneous granite, basalt-from magma cooling
sedimentary limestone,sandstone-sediments become rock after great pressure
metamorphic quartzite,marble - changed under great heat and pressure
bricks, cement, coal, iron ore items made from rock
shaft mining mining under the ground
open cast mining surface mining
soil profile what soil is made up of
podzols grey colour mountain areas ,coniferous forest
peat soil from bog
brown soil midland of Ireland. good suply of humus deciduous
laterite tropical red soil
soil erosion soil being removed by human activity
deforestation removing forests
overcropping soil being over used
overgrazing too many animals on soil soil is bare and subject to erosion
soil conservation using soil correctly
contour ploughing ploughing around the edge of hill
shelter belts trees set to shelter crops
basalt igneous rock, giant's causeway Antrim
quartzite igneous rock, co Wiclow
marble metamorphic rock ,Connemara
sandstone sedimentary rock, Cork ,Kerry Mountains
limestone sedimentary rock, Burren Co Clare
minerals chemical compounds in soil
humus dead plant matter, enriches soil
micro organisms bacteria that break down plant litter
Created by: buckley19