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HA 3rd 9 weeks test

vitriolus cavity the area of the eye that is filled with fluid and makes up approximately 2/3 of the eye volume
macula the part of the eye that enhances reading and near vision by absorbing excess light that enters the eye
lens the part of the eye located directly behind the pupil and helps in focusing the amount of light on the retina. it can change shape so we can see objects both far and near us
iris a ring of muscles in the center of the eye that regulate the amount of light entering the eye by controlling the size of the pupil
optic disk often called the "blind spot" has no sight receptors
sclera the white outer portion of the eye that provides protection to the inner parts of the eye
the part of the tongue that detects chocolate milk middle
part of the tongue that detects potato chips tip
part of the tongue that detects lemon juice sides
part of the tongue that detects cough syrup back
which area of the ear is ear wax made ear canal
what is the outer portion of the ear pinna
which area of the ear is involved with balance and sending sound to the brain to be interpreted inner ear
which area of the ear connects the ear with the nasopharynx? eustachian tube
which are of the ear contains tiny bones that vibrate, sending sound further into the ear middle ear
which structure of the ear divides the ear canal from the middle ear ear drum
specialized organs that secrete a substance glands
endocrine glands are ductless, meaning that they secrete their products directly into the blood stream
chemical messengers hormones
the process to maintain the internal environment of the body within "normal" limits or boundaries homeostasis
the process of only producing hormones when need as levels rise/drop below "normal" limits negative feedback
the _____________ glands produce ADH, which causes the kidneys to NOT filter water from the blood pituitary
what endocrine gland makes both insulin and glucagon? pancreas
fight or flight hormone that is made by adrenal glands epinephrine
produce the hormones of puberty gonads
the hormone that makes us sleepy when it gets dark meletonen
the endocrine system works with what system to maintain homeostasis nervous
which gland is located at the base of the throat and produces thyroxin thyroid
what acts on all body cells, causing them to allow glucose into the cell to be used insuline
what hormone stimulates the growth of muscles and bones growth hormone
Created by: maddyallen13