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What is weathering? When rocks are worn away
What is Erosion? When sediment left from weathering is moved
What is the very top layer above soil? Litter
What order do the soil horizons go in? Litter, Topsoil, Subsoil, Horizon C, and Bedrock
What layer of soil is mostly made of small pieces of weathered rock? Horizon C
What is Topsoil mostly made of, and what is the thing in Topsoil mostly made of? Humus, and humus is made of the remains from dead plants or trees,(twigs, leaves, roots, etc)
What is the most fertile layer of soil that is best for farming? Topsoil
What is bedrock? The very bottom layer under Horizon C which is all not weathered rock
What is Subsoil? Subsoil is the second layer down that is made of mostly clay. (Not good for farming)
What are decomposers? Decomposers are animals such as worms that take the remains of dead organisms and break them down helping them become humus
How can soil Erosion effect the world? It can blow it all away with wind erosion if its not planted right and create the Dust Bowl
What is the Dust Bowl? A dust storm that killed many people because there was a drought and the soil wasn't being farmed right
How long did the Dust Bowl last? 10 years
What are the two different kinds of weathering? Mechanical and Chemical weathering
What are the four things that cause Erosion to happen? Ice, Running water, Waves, and Wind
What does permeable mean? A substance or object has tiny holes in it which allows water to pass through it
How are weathering and erosion different? Weathering wares the substance away and erosion moves the substance
Which soil horizon has a reddish brown color? Horizon B or Subsoil
What is the texture and color of Horizon A or Topsoil It is crumbly and brown
Why is Topsoil the best for farming? It contains a lot of humus so it is very rich and full of nutrients.
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