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Mastery List

second declension

amicus frined
animus mind
annus year
captivus prisoner
cibus food
deus god
dominus mater
eqqus horse
filius son
dladius sword
legatus envoy
locus place
modus manner
murus wall
numerus number
nuntius messanger
oculus eye
populus people
servus slave
socius ally
tribunus tribune
ventus wind
vicus village
ager feild
liber book
magister teacher
puer boy
vesper evening
vir man
aedificium building
arma weapons
auxilium help
bellum war
benficium kindness
castra camp
consilium plan
factum deed
frumentum grain
hiberna winter
impedimentum hindrance
imperium command
initium beginnign
intevallum space
jugum yoke
negotium task
officium duty
oppidum town
periculum danger
prasesidium gaurd
pretium price
praemium reward
proelium battle
regnum kingdom
scutum sheild
singnum signal
spatium space
studium eagerness
telum weapon
templum temple
vallum rampart
verbum word
arcus bow
bracchium forearm, arm
comprimo squeeze
densus dense
expio atone for
fauces throat, jaws
infestus dangerous
intendo stretch,, aim
leo lion
oraculum oracle
pellis hide, skin
prehendo grasp, seize
qoutannis yearly
sagitta arrow
transfigo pierce through
vestis clothing, garment
aperio open
bibo drink
derideo mock, laugh at
diffundo pour about, scatter
jucundus pleasant agreeable
labor lapsus sum guide, slip
lacrima tear
morior die
nolo not wish, be unwiling
poculum drinking cup
somnus sleep
spelunca cave
vagor wander about, roam
vehementer strongly, very much, violently`
venenum poison, drug
vinum wine
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