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Unit 24

Business and Accounting Skills (updated)

A systematic or orderly arrangement of papers, cards, or other materials so that they are readily available for future reference is called Filing
What is the most common filing method in use today?. alphabetical
What system requires a cross-index or cross-reference list. numerical system
Filing cabinets or shelves equipped with locks should be. fireproff
In some cultures a patient may be hesitant to discuss why a blood relative died because the individuals feel it is disrespectful to speak of the dead
A computerized database of patient names will automatically file all patient names in correct alphabetical order.
Passwords, limited access, and locked storage of disks and tapes are methods used to protect patient confidentiality when an electronic patient database is used.
Always answer the telephone promptly, even on the first ring
While talking on a telephone, put the mouth piece how many inches away from the center of your lips. 2-3 inches
What should be used at all times when using the telephone discretion
This type of system allows a large number of telephone calls to be answered at the same time. Automatic routing
What is not as efficient as an answering service answering machine
What phones are not secure so confidential patient information can be heard. Cellular
What mail allows an individual to use a computer and internet connection to send, receive, and forward messages in digital form Electronic
No information can be released from medical records without the written consent of the patient
Correct scheduling of appointments is essential for good public relations.
The patient's full name, reason for the appointment, and patient telephone number should all be recorded on a/an appointment ledger
No information can be released from medical records without the patient's written consent
Information on members of the patient's immediate family, including parents, grandparents, sisters, and brothers is recorded in the family history section of a medical history record.
Information on the patient's diet, sleep habits, and personal habits (such as smoking or alcohol use) is recorded in the what section of the medical record. personal/social history
On a medical history record "NA" stands for not applicable or does not apply
Many individuals may be hesitant to discuss cultural or religious remedies they have tried, such as herbal remedies, acupuncture, witchcraft, or religious rituals.
What letter encourages a patient to pay an account that is due. Collection letter
What is the letter asking a patient for information about medical insurance. Inquiry letter
A letter sent to another professional to request an examination of a particular patient is a letter of consultation
A common salutation used in business letter is: the name of the person to whom the letter is directed.
A complimentary closure most commonly used is: Sincerely
Not all professional business letters have a: subject line
Most health care agencies have standard form letters saved in a computer base
In a block style letter, all parts of the letter are typed starting at the left margin of the paper
Even though most health care agencies file insurance claims electronically, the patient must sign an "Authorization to Release Information and Assign Benefits" form
What code on insurance forms is used for procedures and services provided to the patient. CPT
All checks and receipts should be written in ink
What slips are important in maintaining accurate financial records Deposit
What is the person called who is writing the check or issuing payment Originator or maker
What is the person called receiving payment The Payee
the signature on the back of a check by the person who receives payment is the Endorsement
In some agencies, a modified-block style letter is indented how many spaces five
What codes are used to describe both place of service and type of service on insurance forms Numerical
When money and or checks are deposited in a bank account you will keep a . deposit slip
On a pegboard system, what provides a record of all patients seen, all charges incurred and all payments received Day sheet or daily journal
What records information on past balance due, charges for treatment payment received and current balance. Statement-receipt
On some pegboard systems, these are a part of the statement-receipt record: Charge slip
A total record of care provided to a patient is called a: ledger card
The proper indexing for Mrs. Mary Jane Johnson is: Johnson, Mary, Jane (Mrs.)
The proper indexing for The American Medical Drug and Supply Company is: American (The), Medical, Drug, Supply (and), Company
Which of the following names should be filed before Saintsans? Saintworth, St. John, John Saint Smith, or Saintanes St. John
A record for a patient who has not been seen for a number of years, usually 2 to 3 years is classified as: inactive
Triage allows a health care agency to: 1. deal with emergency calls, 2. determine how quickly a patient should be scheduled for an appointment, 3. evaluate a situation
The main advantage of a cellular telephone over a pager is that it allows two-way communication
A buffer period in an appointment schedule provides a period to schedule emergency appointments
If a patient calls to cancel an appointment ask them if they want to reschedule the appointment
The section on a medical history record that contains information on the illnesses of the patient's immediate family is the family history
A letter that reminds a patient that it is time to return for a periodic examination is a letter of recall
The section of the letter that gives the name, address, city, state, and zip code of the person or firm to whom the letter is being sent is the inside address
On a modified-block style letter the complimentary close is typed at the center line
The International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9-CM) code on insurance forms is three to five digits long
What word is used to find correct insurance coding if a bilateral ovarian wedge resection is the procedure performed? ovarian
What identification number for a physician is required on all Medicare claims? National Provider Number (NPI)
In a pegboard system, a daily record of all patients seen, all charges incurred, and all payments received is recorded on the day sheet
The form that can be copied and mailed to a patient as a monthly statement of the account is the ledger card
Information available in a computerized bookkeeping system includes 1. patient information and insurance coverage, 2. ICD-9-CM and CPT codes, 3. description of codes and the fees charged for each service
The signature on the back of a check by the person who receives payment is the maker
A record of money or goods received is a receipt
The term for the physician's opinion regarding the course and expected outcome of a disease or condition is a/an prognosis
The United States Postal Service abbreviation for the state of Minnesota is MN
In order to screen calls, what two types of information must you obtain from the caller? name of the caller, purpose for the call
Types of information that are usually included on a telephone memorandum 1. name of caller, 2. telephone number of caller, 3. message, 4. date and time of call, 5. action taken, 6. initials of person taking call
Types of information commonly found on a statistical data sheet 1. patient' name, 2. address, 3. telephone number, 4. marital status, 5. place of employment, 6. name of person responsible for account, 7. insurance company information, 8. name of referring physician or other person
What is the name of the book that is used as the source for numerical codes for procedures and services on an insurance form? The Physician's Current Procedural Terminology (CPT)
Ways to meet legal and confidentiality requirements while transmitting information on a facsimile 1. Obtain written authorization from patient, 2. never fax financial information, 3. fax only to machines in secure locations, 4. use a cover sheet that contains a confidentiality statement, 5. contact the receiver before faxing the material,
The numerical code for nursing home as the place of service is 32
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