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Stack #1514904

Erosion The movement of rocks breaking particles from ice, wind and water.
Weathering The process of breaking rocks on Earth surface with other material.
what are two types of weathering? Chemical and Mechanical.
What is mechanical weathering? when rock is broken down physically.
Agents of mechanical? abrasion, freezing and thawing, heating and cooling, animal actions and plant growth.
What is chemical weathering? When rocks are broken down chemically.
what are the agents of chemical? water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, living things and acid rain.
What does pereble mean in rocks? It means that if the rock is open it is easier to weather.
Is soil the most valuable resource on Earth? True or False? True.
Dust Bowl? The dust bowl began in the 1800's when settlers started moving beacsue of the good soil. Ended up years of drought.
What are the soil horizons? Litter or dead materials ,Horizon A (topsoil) Horizon B (subsoil), Horizon C, and bedrock.
How do farmers contour their plow? The farmers go along the curve of the slope.
What is soil actually made of? Air, Rocks, sand , clay and water.
What is soil? A substance that is made out of minerals, rock and humus.
Why is decomposes important to soil? They take the remains of dead organisms to help fertilize the soil.
What is bedrock? Is a soiled layer of rock that is beneath the soil.
Soil forms as rock is broken down by weathering and mixes with other materials on the surface. True or False? True.
a crumbly dark brown soil that is a mixture of humus, clay and other minerals. Topsoil (Horizon A)
usually consists of particles and clay and other certain materials. Subsoil (Horizon B)
Is soil that important? Yes,beacuse if we didn't have soil the we wouldn't be here. because of the oxygen that makes us breathe by trees.
Created by: 16knaqvi