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媒体与文化 media & culture

欢迎 huānyíng, welcome,
jìn, come in
kāi, open, turn on
快要 kuàiyào, soon, in no time
杂技 zájì, acrobatics
精彩 jīngcǎi, wonderful,
其他 qítā, other
家人 jiārén, family member
dì, (prefix for ordinal numbers)
cì, times
bāo, to wrap
前天 qiántiān, the day before yesterday
商品 shāngpǐn, commodity, goods, product
广告 guǎnggào, advertisement
手机 shǒujī, mobile phone
huài, to break down, to go bad
jiù, old
liàng, (a measure word used for vehicles)
礼物 lǐwù, gift, present
时尚 shíshàng, fashion, fashionable
有点儿 yǒudiǎn'er, some, a few, a little
差不多 chàbùduō, almost, similar
天天 tiāntiān, everyday
报纸 bàozhǐ, newspapers
zhǎo, to look for, to seek,
资料 zīliào, information
一边……一边…… yībiān……yībiān……, at the same time....
下班 xiàbān, to leave work
上班 shàngbān, to go to work
做饭 zuò fàn, to cook
非洲 fēizhōu, Africa
国家 guójiā, country, nation
Created by: ulnefeh
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