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旅游与习俗 travel & local customs

快……了, kuài……le, soon, about to
guò, a particle(after a verb to indicate past action or state).
城市 chéngshì, city
风景 fēngjǐng, scenary
故宫 gùgōng, the forbidden city
长城 chángchéng, the Great wall
cháng, long
哈哈 hāhā, (an exclamation of triumph or satisfaction )
南京 nánjīng, Nanjing
明信片 míngxìnpiàn, postcard
春天 chūntiān, spring
夏天 xiàtiān, summer
秋天 qiūtiān, autumn
冬天 dōngtiān, winter
月饼 yuèbǐng, moon cake,
中秋节 zhōngqiū jié, mid-autumn festival
月亮 yuèliàng, moon
除了 chúle, in addition, except , besides
zhù, to wish
春节 chūnjié, the Spring Festival
重要 zhòngyào, important
节日 jiérì, festival
饺子 jiǎozi, dumplings
晚会 wǎnhuì, evening party
……的时候 ……de shíhou, when... at the time of...
活动 huódòng, activities
舞龙 wǔ lóng, dragon dance
舞狮 wǔ shī, lion dance
人们 rénmen, people
对不起 duìbùqǐ, sorry, excuse me
没关系 méiguānxì, okay, it doesn't matter
已经 yǐjīng, already
新年 xīnnián, New Year
圣诞节 shèngdàn jié, Christmas
庆祝 qìngzhù, celebration, to celebrate
计划 jìhuà, planning, to plan
旅行社 lǚxíngshè, travel agency
希望 xīwàng, hope
旅行团 lǚxíng tuán, tours
星期 xīngqí, week
滑雪 huáxuě, skiing,ski
参加 cānjiā, participate, to take part
Created by: ulnefeh
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