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Lesson 10

IC3, Level 1, Lesson 10

寒假 hán jià n: winter vacation
飞机 fēi jī n: airplane
fēi v: to fly
n: machine
piào n: ticket
飞机场 fēi jī chǎng n: airport
zuò v: to travel by
公共汽车 gōng gòng qì chē n: bus
公共 gōng gòng adj: public
汽车 qì chē n: car; automobile
chē n: vehicle
或者 huò zhě conj: or
地铁 dì tiě n: subway
zǒu v: to go by way of; to walk
xiān adv: first
zhàn m: (measure word for stops of bus, train, etc.)
下车 xià chē vo: to get off (a bus, train, etc.)
然后 rán hòu adv: then
绿 adj: green
线 xiàn n: line
最后 zuì hòu adj: final; last
lán adj: blue
麻烦 má fán adj: troublesome
打车 dǎ chē vo: to take a taxi
出租汽车 chū zū qì chē n: taxi
出租 chūzū v: to rent out; to let
v: to rent
开车 kāi chē vo: to drive a car
kāi v: to drive; to operate
sòng v: to see off or out; to take (someone or somewhere)
电子邮件 diàn zǐ yóu jiàn n: email
电子 diàn zǐ n: electron
ràng v: to allow or cause (someone to do something)
huā v: to spend
不好意思 bù hǎo yì sī to feel embarrased
měi pr: every; each
城市 chéng shì n: city
特别 tè bié adv: especially
高速公路 gāo sù gōng lù n: highway
高速 gāo sù adj: high speed
公路 gōng lù n: highway; public road
n: road; path
紧张 jǐn zhāng adj: nervous; anxious
自己 zì jǐ pr: oneself
手机 shǒu jī n: cell phone
发短信 fā duǎn xìn vo: to send a text message; to send a short message
新年 xīn nián n: New Year
快乐 kuài lè adj: happy
走路 zǒu lù vo: to walk
坐火车 zuò huǒ chē vo: to travel by train
坐计程车 zuò jì chéng chē vo: to take a taxi (Taiwan)
坐电车 zuò diàn chē vo: to take a cable car, trolley bus or tram
坐船 zuò chuán vo: to travel by ship; to take a boat
骑自行车 qí zì xíng chē vo: to ride a bicycle
骑摩托车 qí mó tuō chē vo: to ride a motorcycle
Created by: quanlight
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