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Science Test

Electromagnetic force makes protons repel each other
Strong Nuclear force holds the protons and neutrons together
Half Life the time it takes for half the nuclei of a radioactive element to decay
Particle Accelerator equipment that speeds up subatomic particles
Alpha Particle helium nucleus
Hahn-Strassman attempted to create larger atoms by bombarding uranium nuclei with neutrons
Einstein E=MC^2, his contribution to nuclear physics
Gamma Rays dangerous cancer causing, cell decay radiation
Fission larger nuclei split into smaller nuclei
Fusion smaller nuclei join to become larger nuclei
Tracers radioactive isotopes that are tracked as they move through biological systems
transmutation changing an atom of one element into an atom of another element
Fat man/little boy names given to first two nuclear weapons dropped in warfare
Lize Meitner helped to explain Barium being made by Uranium bombarded by neutrons
deuterium hydrogen atom with 1 neutron
Last element on the chart with a stable nucleus. #82 lead
order the forces from strongest to weakest. strong nuclear force, electromagnetic force, gravity
name the particles which make up an alpha particle. 2 neutrons and 2 protons
Carbon-14 is an unstable isotope of Carbon. Which of the following is true of Carbon-14? It will transmute to become stable, It contains 8 neutrons, It is radioactive
Two factors affect the stability of a nucleus to determine if it will be stable or not. Which answer has the correct two? size of the nucleus; proton-neutron ratio in the nucleus
Which of the following interactions would NOT be affected by the strong nuclear force? electron and electron
Because our sun has several different isotopes of the element -------, there are several possible fusion reactions in the sun. hydrogen
One way to control fission chain reactions is to use materials that absorb ------. neutrons
Gold-198 has a half-life of 64.8 days. If you had 4 grams of Gold-196, about how much would you have left after 65 days? 2 grams
the source of the suns energy is -----. nuclear fusion
Fission and Fusion both ------. release energy
Two cities that the U.S. Bombed with nuclear weapons at the end of WWII. Hiroshima and Nagasaki
When a nucleus changes by converting a neutron into a proton and an electron and then it shoots out the electron it is called ------. beta decay
the half-life of Polonium-210 is 140 days. If you start with 200 grams of Polonium-210 and you leave it for 420 days, how much do you have left? 25 grams
When scientist purposely cause changes in the nucleus of an atom this is called -----. artificial transmutation
Name a particle that can be shot into a nucleus to cause transmutation alpha particle, proton, neutron
Any element above this number is a synthetic (man made) element. 92
which radioactive element has been found to be useful in small quantities in smoke detectors? americium
Which of the following is NOT associated with particle accelerators? super heated magnets
A Uranium-235 nucleus splits into a barium-141 nucleus and a ----- -92 nucleus. krypton
Which radioactive element was used to create the green jelly stuff in the movie "The Manhattan Project"? plutonium
Uranium-238 has a half life of 4.5 X 10^9 years. Which of the following is NOT true of this radioactive isotope? it could be used to diagnose medical problems
what tipped off Paul from the movie that the Medatomic Corp. was dealing with radioactive material? he found a bunch of 5 leaf clovers
more energy is released in a ------ reaction. fusion
the worst nuclear power plant accident in history took place in -------. Chernobyl, Russia
In nuclear fusion three isotopes of element #1 are involved. Which of the following are those three? deuterium, tritium, hydrogen
What is currently done with high-level, high risk radioactive waste? buried deep underground
How did Paul from the movie confuse the computer systems motion detectors when he broke in? used two Frisbees, one down each aisle
Water is used in two ways in a nuclear power plant. Which are the correct two? boil and condense to drive turbines/cooling of the reaction hot temps.
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