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focus on the changing health status of the patient over time therapeutic
use diagnostic ultrasound under the supervision of a physician sonographer
the expectation or prospect of a particular job in the future outlook
records the electrical changes that occur during a heartbeat EKG
to live a healthier lifestyle wellness program
to put in order of importance prioritize
study the occurance and frequency of disease in a large populations epidemiology
pertaining to keeping records,filing,typing clerical
responsible for the cleanliness of the environment technician
pertaining to or serving for breathing respiratory
painlessly end the life or permit the death of a hopelessly sick or injured euthanize
a person's job to earn a living occupation
a formal written request for something needed requisition
the act of destroying microorganisms in or on something sterilizing
includes many different levels of health care careers health informatics
plans diets, educate patients dietitian
help restore ,develop, maintain patient's ability to manage the activities of daily living OT
time free from the demands of work leisure
to make a written copy transcribe
a person whose job is to assist someone aide
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