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Microbial Growth

BMB 300

Microbial Growth The increase in cellular constituents (pop. increas) 1 cell -> 2 cells
Binary Fission 1 cell -> 2 cells
Steps of Binary Fission
Z-Ring A protein ring that divides the cell during binary fission by constriction
Standard Bacterial Growth Curve Lag phase, Expon Phase (aka Log phase), Stationary phase, Death phase.
Lag Phase Delay in growth due to acustomizing to new nutrients.no increase in organism #scell is replenishing and adapting to new conditions
Exponential Phase aka Log PhaseRate of Growth is constant (the org that is in contact with nutrient grows)Generation time is shortest
Stationary Phase No growth: no nutrients, too much wastestarvation response
Starvation Response Morphological Changesi.e. endospore formation (long term survival)
Death Phase Cells die at an exponential rate1. no nutrients, external influences, etc.2. Programmed Cell death
Programmed cell death A cell after a certain 't' will lyse!
Cell Pop. Calculation dependent on 't' Nt = N(2n)
Photo- (get there energy from) Sun
Chemo- (get their energy from) Oxidation of Organic or Inorganic Compounds
Energy sources Photo- or Chemo-
Created by: zkormendy