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Animal&Plant Science

Ms. Thomas Unit A Review Cards

Question or TermAnswer or Defintion
Ornamental Horticulture The cultivation of plants for aesthetic purposes;includes indoor and outdoor plants and landscaping, and the floral industry
Plant Science Includes all the careers related to plant production, research, biotechnology, plant hybridization
Animal Science The care, production, and processing of animals for food and their byproducts
Forestry The care and management of our public and private forests; may include urban tree and forest management careers
Ag Mechanics The construction, design, and operation of agricultural equipment, structures, and facilities
Ag Business Generally concerned with the fiscal/financial aspect of agriculture; may include ag service businesses, ag fi nance, sales and marketing, and trade
Expert Vote decision making method where the person who knows the most makes the decision; used when not many people know about something but you need a group decision
Consensus decision making method where everyone agrees on something; use when you need everyone to be committed to something
P.P.E Personal Protective Equipment
Example of P.P.E Lab coat, safety glasses, gloves, closed toe shoes
Agriculture Production of food and fiber
Food Diet of humans
Fiber Material used either from plants or animals to make fabric and clothing
Natural Resources The natural existing source of raw materials for life and beauty in the environment
World Population Total number of humans living on the planet
Commodity raw agricultural prodcut
Product result of an agricultural product
What are the commodities in a cheeseburger? Beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers
What are the products in a cheeseburger? cheese, pickles, mayo,mustard,
Hippocrates “Father of Medicine”, created Hippocratic oath, studied ethics
Louis Pasteur founded the science of microbiology, created the process of pasteurization-sterilizing milk
Ben Carson Separated Siamese twins
Gregor Mendel “Father of Genetics”, worked with pea plants, determined that genes passed from parents to offspring
James Watson & Francis Crick Discovered structure of DNA
Ian Wilmut cloned the first adult mammal, Dolly the sheep
Created by: athomas85