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Env. Science

Ms. Thomas Unit A Review Cards

Question or TermAnswer or Defintion
Environment all the factors and surrounding that affect a living organism
Landscape a section of natural land, such as a prairie, wetland, woodland, mountain, or tundra
Sustaining Life the process of meeting the needs of living things. Includes food, water and shelter, also called sustenance
Habitat the physical area where a plant or animal lives under natural conditions
natural resource a naturally occurring material or organism that supports life, provides fuel, or is used in other ways by humans
Fertilizer a chemical compound used to provide additional nutrients for plant growth
Symbiotic relationship different species of organisms live together and benefit each other
Natural resource conservation the wise use of natural resources
wildlife all the plants, animals and other living things that have not been domesticated or tamed
air the mixture of gases that surround the earth
soil the outer layer of the earth’s surface that supports life
water colorless, transparent, naturally occurring compound made of hydrogen and oxygen
mineral an inorganic substance needed for maintenance, growth, reproduction and other body functions
fossil fuels any energy-producing material created by the decomposition of dead plants and animals
interaction the action of one natural resource on another
interdependence all natural resources depend on one another
We can divide natural resources into what two categories? Renewable and Non-renewable
What are renewable resources? Resources that are and can be replenished after use
What are nonrenewable resources? Resources that can not be replenished after use
Is air renewable or non-renewable? Renewable; air is always readily available
Is uranium a renewable or non-renewable resource? Non-renewable, uranium is a mineral available in small quantities
The idea that humans, animals,and plants all need one another to survive represents interaction or interdependence? Interdependence
Are fossil fuels renewable or non-renewable? Non-renewable; this is because it takes millions and millions of years for them to replenish themselves
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