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High risk disorders

What instructions should the nurse give the women with a threatened abortion? Strict bed rest for 24-48 hrs, avoid sexual intercourse for 2 weeks
Nursing plans and interventions for a woman with hyperemesis gravidarum Weigh daily, check urine ketone tid, give progressive diet, check FHR q8hrs, monitor for electrolyte imbalances
Discharge counseling for a woman with hydatidiform mole evacuation with D&C Prevent pregnancy for 1 year, return to clinic for monthly hCG levels for 1 year, call if bright-red vaginal bleeding or foul-smelling vaginal discharge occurs or temp spikes over 100.4C
What is suspected if a woman comes with uni/bilateral abdominal pain with/without bleeding? Ectopic pregnancy
Three symptoms of abruptio placentae Fetal distress, rigid, boardlike abdomen, pain, dark-red or absent bleeding
Placenta previa Pain-free bright red vaginal bleeding, normal FHR, soft uterus
Teaching about HPV detection and treatment Detection of dry wart like growths on vulva or rectum, need for pap smear in the prenatal period. Teach about immunization for females age 9-30 with gardasil
Complications prone to pregnant adolescents Pre-eclampsia, IUGR, CPD, STDs, anemia
Warning symptoms of preterm labor More than five contractions per hour, cramps, low, dull back ache, pelvic pressure, change in vaginal discharge
Predisposing factors for pre term labor UTI, over distention of uterus, DM, preeclampsia, cardiac disease, placental previa, stress
When is preterm labor able to be arrested? Cervix is <4cm dilated, <50% effaced, and membranes are intact and not bulging out of the cervical os
Side effect of beta-adrenergic tocolytic drugs (Terbutaline) Tachycardia
Nursing care r/t PIH with preeclampsia Maintenance of uteroplacental perfusion, prevention of seizures, prevention of HELLP, DIC and abruption
Magnesium sulfate purpose-to prevent seizures action- CNS depression Antidote- Calcium gluconate Toxic effects- reduced urinary output, reduced resp rate and decreased reflexes.
Symptoms of preeclampsia Increase in BP, CNS disturbances
Common complication of oxytocin augmentation Tetany; turn off pitocin, turn mother to side, admin oxygen via mask
Nursing interventions during forceps delivery Ensure empty bladder, auscultate FHR before application during process and between traction periods, observe maternal lacerations and newborn cerebral or facial trauma
C-section clients are prone to what post op complications Paralytic ileus, infection, thromboembolism, respiratory complications, and impaired maternal-infant bonding.
Reason why an antacid is given prior to anesthesia for c-section It alkalize the stomach secretions, if aspiration occurs less lung damage ensues.
When may a VBAC be considered by a woman with a previous c-section If a low uterine transverse incision was performed
Interventions to maintain cardiac perfusion in a laboring cardiac client Position client in semi-high fowler's, prevent valsalva maneuvers, sidelying position for anesthesia, avoid stirrups because of possible popliteal vein compression and decreased venous return.
Symptoms of cardiac decompensation in a laboring client. Tachycardia, tachypnea, dry cough, rales in lung bases, dyspnea and orthopnea
What contraceptive technique is recommended for a diabetic woman? Diaphragm with spermicide, clients should avoid birth control pills, which contain estrogen and IUDs.
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