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Fetal and Maternal assessment techniques

Five maternal variables associated with diagnosis of high risk pregnancy Age (under 17 or over 34 ), parity over 5, preeclampsia, DM or cardiac disease
What does BPP determine Fetal well being
Teachings before US exam Full bladder, position client supine with uterine wedge
Advantage of CVS over amniocentesis Can be done between 8 and 12 weeks, results returned within 1 week.
Complications of amniocentesis Spontaneous abortion, fetal injury, infection
Acceleration Caused by a burst of sympathetic activity; they are reassuring and requires no treatment
Early deceleration Caused by head compression
Late deceleration Caused by UPI; place client on her side and admin oxygen
Variable deceleration Caused by cord compression; change of position should be tried first.
Four causes of decreased FHR variability Hypoxia, acidosis, drugs, fetal sleep
Action to take when a cord prolapse is determined Position mother to relieve pressure on the cord or push the presenting part off the cord with fingers until emergency csection is done
Reactive non stress test FHR acceleration of 15 bpm for 15 secs in response to fetal movement
Dangers of nipple stimulation test Inability to control oxytocin dosage and the chance of tetany/hyperstimulation
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