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Famous Operetta Shows WuderBar(German)<br> Married Widow(1907 1st one)<br> Showboat Lyrics by hammerstein(1927) whaaat
When did Operetta Start after civil war from france
Themes of Operetta always a happy ending
Key writer for operetta Viktor Herbert
What was sold at Operettas Sheet music
Who started Minstrels Thomas D. Rice-Borrowed a Negros clothes and sang Jim Crow.
Judy Garland and Micky Rooney Best banjo playyyyaaa. Both played in Babes on broadway(Minstrel Show)
Most famous minstrel showman of his time Edwin Christy(Christie Minstrels)
Why did minstrel shows start War of 1812 cut ties from England and grabbed songs from the south
What type of entertainment are minstrel shows Crude low grade style song and dance comedy
What was the first form of american stage entertainment Minstrel Shows
Where did Minstrel shows originate US
When did Minstrel shows decline they lost creative energy by 1870
What initiated big business in performing arts Minstel shows
Ballad Opera Type of Melodrama<br> drama combined with folk ballads of the day
Famous Ballad Opera The Beggars Opera by John Gays
Where did intermissions come from Intermettso in Melodrama
Major influence of Melodrama Romanticism
Melodramas Emphasized... Clear and suspenseful plots<br> Good vs evil<br> good man hounded by villain<br> Special Effects<br> Strict Poetic Justice was meted out
Melodrama was popular due to what industrial revolution
Who was the first to use treadmills and panoramas Melodrama
Top Vaudeville segmaents Golden Girls, Yankee doodle dandy segments
Who is Tony Paster 1865 opened Variety threater in Paterson NJ
Paster removed what from Vaudvillies Explicit materials and aimed it toward family
Name for people in Vaudevilles Vaudevillians
Famous Acts in Vaudevilles Magicians<br> Midgets<br> Monkeys<br>
Famous Artists in Vaudevilles Houdini<br> George M Cohan(The Four Cohans)<br> Eugen Sandow(MUSCLE MILK)<br>
Vaudevilles-Circus Term your fires came from vaudville
Decline of Vaudeville Declined during depression(most went to hollywood)<br> Victim of movies nightclub<br>
Burlesque Low comedy parody complemented by exhibitions of arts
Types of Burlesque Hootchie Kootchie Ads<br> Shimmy Shakers<br> Tassel Dancers<br> Strippers
Most famous stripper in Burlesque Gypsy Rose- didnt show dem titties
Burlesque's two faces Low Comedy<br> Female Anatomy(Dat ass)
Father of Burlesque and what did he do Michael Bennet Colquitt- Gave boxes of candy with nudies
Famous Burlesque show Let me entertain you
Extavaganza loosely adopted from European models with female dances and AWESOME costumes
Hippodrome was... Greatest threater ever constructed for extravaganza. 13 elephant and 110 by 200 feet bool
Extravaganza show. Jumbo-Billy Rose
First Musical in USA The Black Crook(1866)
Masque? dressed up in costume and improv
Oilo performance between shows
Popular Puppet show poor soldier
Mozart created.. new opera where serious and comedy combined
Created by: thecrew
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