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Biotechnology (Mayfield)

What is a useful change made to crops using applications of biotechnology? Crops are more resistant to diseases
The state of NC has over 400 biotechnology companies. How would the economy change if that number were reduced by half? It would decline due to job loss
What concern do people have with genetically-modified tomatoes? The DNA used to modify the tomatoes could change the DNA of the person eating the tomato
What is a hypothesis a scientist could test using principles of biotechnology? Can wheat be genetically modified to be resistant to mold
Who could benefit from biotechnology? A farmer
In what area would biotechnology have the greatest effect on agriculture? Development of biological pesticides
How is bacteria cells able to produce insulin for humans? The bacteria have been genetically engineered to contain the DNA needed to produce insulin
What is closely related to biotechnology? Medicine and agriculture
What is a concern of scientists when genetically modifying plants? There will be a decrease in biodiversity
What is a career that would use microorganisms to remove pollutants from water? Environmental Protection Agency specialist
What is a genetic engineering advancement directly related to a career in biotechnology? creating crop foods that resist insect pests
What is the greatest economic benefit for North Carolina from biotechnology? increased disease-resistant crops and greater crop yield
What US industry has genetic engineering directly increased productivity? agriculture
What describes a beneficial relationship between biotechnology and North Carolina farmers? improvements in biotechnology help plants become more disease and insect resistant, increasing farmers' profit
What would be reduced as a result of the development of pest-resistant crops use of chemical insecticides
What is a benefit of storing the genetic information of people who have previously committed a serious crime? offenders can be more easily identified by their genetic information if they commit a crime in the future
What would result in the largest economic benefit to North Carolina? NC making a long-standing commitment to biotechnology development
What would increase the amount of money made from agriculture in North Carolina? tomatoes that are resistant to disease
What area of biotechnology would create ethical issues within human society? organ cloning for use in transplants
How can biotechnology affect agriculture on a single plot of land? the land could produce more food than before
What improvement to agriculture is a result of biotechnology? increased productivity
What describes a controversial issue associated with the use of genetically modified crops? the long-term effects which may arise from the use of genetically modified crops
What describes genetic modification? it is used to alter crops to become insect-resistant
What is important when investigating ethical issues in biotechnology? benefits of the technology outweighing the harm
What is one benefit of giving farm animals vaccines? it produces healthier farm animals
What is a positive result of the use of biotechnology in agriculture? increased yield
What describes genetic engineering? adding DNA from one organism in the DNA of another organism
What has impacted North Carolina's economy the least in the field of bioremediation? cleaning of air pollution
What job is someone best qualified for if they graduate with a degree in biotechnology? laboratory researcher
What best describes genomics? the study of genes and how they function
What type of project would a biotechnician work on? developing plants with resistance to high temperatures
Which molecule from humans is inserted into bacteria to cause them to produce insulin? DNA
What type of job would a biotechnician get in a company that creates hair dye? developing a product that will be safe for consumers
What is an agricultural benefit of biotechnology in NC? farmers growing longer lasting vegetables
How does biotechnology benefit the economy of NC? it creates jobs
What type of biotechnology could be use to create a more nutritional rice? genetic modification of current rice plants
What task is best accomplished with the use specific genetic information in biotechnology? creating ethanol fuel from corn
What is an agricultural benefit of biotechnology in NC? farmers are able to grow longer lasting vegetables
What effect does using insecticides and fertilizers have on crops? the crops yield more fruits and vegetables
What is a benefit of genetically modified foods? the cost of food will decrease, and the quality of food will increase?
What process describes how many pure-bred dogs have been produced? selective breeding
How does knowledge about human genetics help doctors? doctors can predict whether patients are at risk of developing a genetic disease
Created by: ndmsteach