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Geo test 4 9th grd

Geography test 4 9th grade

into what body of water does the Nile River empty? Mediterranean Sea
who is one of the two men who led the first expeditions to the South Pole? Roald Amundsen or Robert Scott
what are the native inhabitants of Australia called? Aborigines
who named Lake Victoria? David Livingstone
what country posses the Sinai Peninsula? Egypt
what is the world's largest desert? Sahara
what is the world's biggest natural structure formed by living things? Great Barrier Reef
what event caused Australia's population to increase by nearly 200%? Australian Gold Rush
what famous African Christian was the first black bishop to be ordained by the Church of England? Samuel Adjai Crowther
What are the names of New Zealand's two main islands? North Island and South Island
what is Australia's highest peak? Mount Kosciusko
what is the largest city in Africa? Cairo
what is the lowest point on the earth? Challenger Deep
what is the capital in Sydney, Australia that has the biggest suburban area in the world? New South Wales
what is the world's longest river? Nile River
what body of water separates New Zealand's main islands? Cook Strait
what was the first independent black republic in Africa that was settled by freed slaves? Liberia
what is Africa's largest freshwater lake? Lake Victoria
what is Australia's longest permanent river? Murray River
where did the Afrikaners, descendants of the Dutch, settle? South Africa



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