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Chapter 18

North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia Today

Egyptian __________, or peasant farmers, rely on the Aswan High Dam to control the Nile's waters. fellahin
Many Turks prefer a nonreligious, or __________, government. secular
During World War I, Ottoman Turks killed hundreds of thousands of Armenians in a terrible __________. genocide
Israeli settlements in which farmers live together and share the land and work is called a __________. kibbutz
Egyptian farmers are able to produce more than one cropper year because of __________. flooding controls on the Nile River
Conflict between Palestinian Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and __________ has been an ongoing problem. Israelis
__________, the largest country in Southwest Asia, is a major oil producer. Saudi Arabia
While the Central Asian Republics are located in harsh environments, they all __________. possess a wealth of mineral resources
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