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Spelling Bee


Part of human body between ribs and pelvis Waist
Use carelessly, lose energy, or fail to take advantage of. Waste
Quality of being patient Patience
People receiving medical attention Patients
Customary form for religious ceremony Rite
Correct, not left, or according to law Right
One who constructs or repairs something (playwright) Wright
Tissue made of fibers for bodily movement Muscle
Marine bivalve mollusks Mussel
Basic truth or law Principle
First or highest of importance. Head of a school. Or money/capital borrowed or invested Principal
Brief statement mentioning main points Summary
Intended for warm weather season or summer Summery
Ability to see Sight
To quote or refer a book or source Cite
Not moving Stationary
Writing paper and envelopes Stationery
One who shows fear NOUN Coward
To cringe in fear VERB Cowered
Barren desolate area or to leave empty or alone Desert
Sweet dish after a meal Dessert
Live through difficult conditions (people) Hardy
Expressed warmly, providing nourishment (things) Hearty
Concerned with judgement of right or wrong or a lesson in a fable or story Moral
State of spirits of a person or group Morale
Relating to a person, private Personal
Employees or people hired Personnel
With official authorization or dressed fancy Formally
At previous time or in the past Formerly
Very strange or unnatural Bizarre
A market on street with shops Bazaar
Come before Precede
To go forward or continue Proceed
Aware and attentive ADJ Conscious
Awareness of morality or right and wrong NOUN Conscience
Guided by your conscience Conscientious
To enter into a new country Immigrate
To LEAVE a county Emigrate
Main city in area or money or wealth Capital
BUILDING where government meets Capitol
Outer edge of area or country/state Border
PERSON who rents or gets on ship/plane or rides surfboard or snowboard Boarder
Center or inner part or the Core
Special branch or ARMED FORCES or MILITARY Corps
Rank in US Army Colonel
A grain or seed or small amount Kernel
Relating to an enemy or feeling antagonistic Hostile
Type of hotel for travelers Hostel
People serve in administrative or government Council
Give advice like a lawyers guidance counselor. Counsel
Sum of money to get so done free Bail
Large bundle wrapped up (like hay) Bale
False god or someone worshipped and adored NOUN Idol
Not active or working, lazy ADJ Idle
Made of grass or wheat, breakfast food NOUN Cereal
In a repeating series ADJ Serial
Praise someone Compliment
Goes well with something Complement
Gain right to enter Access
More than is needed Excess
Quality of being real or true Reality
Real estate or selling houses and property Realty
Obstacle or barrier or to leap over such a barrier Hurdle
To fling or throw or move by with great force or speed Hurtle
Set down as a rule Prescribe
To forbid or banish Proscribe
Musical harmony or notes combined Chord
Flexible string or material like wire or pile of wood Cord
Relating to singing in a group (chorus or choir) Choral
Hard skeleton of marine animal or reddish pink color Coral
Round Percussion instrument Cymbal
Something that represents something else Symbol
Passageway in church, seats, airplane, supermarket, etc. Aisle
Small island, land surrounded by water Isle
Go upward Ascent
Agree Assent
Stage or step in development or to bring in one step at a it e Phase
To disrupt one's composure Faze
Disagree Dissent
Going downward Descent
Give one's consent Accede
To be greater than, to go above Exceed
Legally responsible ADJ Liable
Words degrading to a person NOUN Libel
Having ability to see reason ADJ Rational
The reason or basis for something NOUN Rationale
Likely to become or happen Prospective
A viewpoint Perspective
Regular job or occupation Vocation
Activity besides ones job... A hobby Avocation
Wicked or evil ADJ Vile
A small container for liquid NOUN Vial
The location of a job. The ground on which a town or building is built. Or a website. Site
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