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I Wonder Why Snakes

GR Book...I Wonder Why Snakes Shed Their Skins

Snakes have no --- so they can't blink. How is this possible? Describe their eyes... Eyelids ... Their eyes are covered with see-through scales that protect their eyes.
What makes a lizard look fierce and also might make a prickly mouthful for any animal that might attack? Horns and spikes all over their body
What is one trick that some snakes try when they might become an enemy's lunch? Explain why this usually works. Play because animals don't want to eat a DEAD animal, so they leave it alone.
Name the biggest snake. The anaconda of South long as a bus (33 ft)
What reptile cleans its eyes by licking them? The gecko. It uses its long tongue to clean the scales over its eyes, just like a snake.
How do boa constrictors and pythons kill their prey? By squeezing it to death. The animal suffocates. Can kill a deer, goat, or a pig in less than a minute.
What does a crocodile use to help it swim? This helps propel them in the water. Very powerful tail
What reptile is this? Heavier than 2 prizefighters, longer than a car, is the world's largest lizard. The Komodo dragon
Name the oldest reptile Tortoises
How can a snake's teeth and fangs kill its prey? It uses its teeth to clamp onto the food. The longer fangs inject poison through little holes at the tips.
What cool feature does a soft-shelled turtle have that helps it breathe air? It has a long snout (like a snorkel)
Why does a croc appear to smile? They are panting to release body heat, helps cool animal down.
Explain what the hole is in a lizard's head. It is an ear.
What are crocs doing as they appear to be having dinner together as a big group? Helping each other tear off chunks of meat...looks like a game of tug-of-war
Most reptiles leave their eggs or young babies, BUT not the ----. How does this reptile win the "most caring mother" award? 1. They guard the nest from predators. 2. They help babies in the hatching stage. 3. They help babies get to the water safely by carrying them in their mouth.
Snakes shed their skin because . . . . . . . . They outgrow it and need a bigger size. This can happen 3-7 times a year.
Created by: sdockendorf



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