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wp 7-10


Psychologist studies and explains human behavior
Psychoanalyst delves into the unconscious
Orthodontist strengthens teeth
Optometrist measures vision and prescribes glasses
OPtician grinds lenses and sells optical instruments
Ophthalmologist a medical doctor specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the eye
Osteopath uses either massage and manipultation or other standard medical procedures to treat illness
Chiropractor manipulates articulations connected the spinal column
Podiatrist takes care of minor ailments of the feet
Graphology analysis of handwriting
Gerontologist deals with the non medical problems of aging
Periodontist gum specialist
Endodontist dentist specializing in treating the pulp of the tooth or in doing root cannal therapy
Platypus egg laying mammal with webbed feet
Sphygmomanometer blood pressure apparatus
Chiromancy palm reading
Cacography ugly, bad, illegible hand writing
Cacophony a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds.
Senescent condition of aging or growing oldv
Senility deteriorated old age
Chiropodist a specialist in care for the feet
Barometer an instrument to measure atmospheric pressure
Podium speakeers platform
Senate originally a council of older, and presumeably wiser, citizens
Octogenarian a person who is from 80 to 89 years old.
Iatreia medical healing
Geras old age
Metron measurement
Psyche ones inner or mental life, or self-image
Pathos disease
Sphygmos pulse
Platys broad, flat
Endo- inner, within
Mancy prediction
Photos light
Kallos beauty
Senex old
Ic- adjective suffix
Genesis birth, origin
Ex- out
Pous, Podos foot
Cheir, Chiro hand
Peri- around, surrounding
Ium- place where
Graphein to write
Kakos bad, harsh
Osteon bone
Phone sound
Okto eight
Created by: wendy romero