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Chapter 7 SS

Southern Appalachia Where did the Cherokee live?
Consensus All Cherokee adults reached a ---- on important decisions.
They had to move west and start farming. When Europeans arrived, what changed for Cherokee?
Constitution The Cherokee wrote a ---- similar to the US
Gold was found on their land. Trail of Tears. What forced Cherokee to move to Oklahoma. What was the journey called?
Juan Ponce de León Claimed land in the south east now called Florida for Spain looking for fountain of youth
Robert La Salle Claimed Mississippi river valley for France called Louisiana named after King Louis XIV
St. Augustine 1565 First European settlement. Still in Florida.
Jamestown First successful British Colony
The southeast Many presidents were born here, like Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, and Madison.
Daniel Boone Famous pioneer who explored Kentucky
Davy Crockett Famous backwoods an who became a congressman for Tennesee.
Disagreements over state rights and slavery between North and South states. It lasted 4 years. What led to Civil war? How long did it last?
Union Northern states that felt slavery was wrong and government should have power
Confederacy Southern states felt that salves were ok and state should gave power over citizens.
Abraham Lincoln Who was president for Civil War
Seceded - or pulled out of the US to form Confederate States of America 11 southern states did what during civil war?
Reconstruction period Time when South builds railroads, replenished fields and gave civil rights.
13th Amendment Made slavery illegal
Segregation Jim Crow laws Separating blacks from whites Which laws?
Civil Rights Acts of 1964 Made segregation illegal
Dahlonega, Georgia Where was first Gold Rush in US in 1828?
MARTA Public transportation system in Atlanta, Georgia
Medicine, banking, and communication People move to Atlanta, GA to get jobs in
Triangle Region The cities Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill in North Carolina are called the
Railroads What helped city of Atlanta to grow?
George Washington Who encouraged he Cherokee to stop hunting and focus more on farming?
Sequoyah Who made up the Cherokee alphabet?
Qualla Boundary Many Cherokee today live on a reservation in North Carolina called
Hernando de Soto Spanish explorer looking for gold he explored many Southeastern states
Lost Colony Roanoke Island in North Carolina John White discovered and went to England for supplies. When he came back, the colony was gone.
Thomas Jefferson The author of the Declaration of Independence has a home in Virginia called Monticello
James Madison 4th President called Father of Constitution also from Virginia
Andrew Jackson President from South Carolina born into poverty supported by working people
Pioneer A person who settled in a part of a country and prepared it for others
Backwoods man A person who lived in forests away from towns
Plantation Large farms in Southeast with rice cotton and tobacco
Civil Rights Right to vote and to have protection of the law is called
Public transportation system A system of trains and buses that carry people through a city
Created by: CameronW