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1406 TEST 2


All cells must have what 4 structures? plasma membrane, DNA, cytoplasm, ribosomes
If we double the surface area of a plasma membrane, what happens to the volume of the cell? increases 8 times
List the components of the Cell Theory. All life is cellular; all life functions as a result of their cells; all cells come from pre-existing cells
Which proteins within the plasma membrane transport material into or out of a cell? integral proteins
Integral proteins are also called _________. transport proteins; carrier proteins; channel proteins
The phospholipid molecule is a head that is _____________ and a tail that is ____________. hydrophilic; hydrophobic
Having Hydrophilic properties means a molecule _________ dissolve in water. will
Having Hydrophobic properties means a molecule __________ dissovle in water. will not
A lipid bilayer will form because of ___________ producing clusters of their fatty acid tails. hydrophobic reactions
The lipid bilayer produces a hydrophobic barrier between 2 environments containing_______. water based
The latest model of the plasma membrane proposed by Singer and Nicholson is called the ______________. fluid mosaic model
The fluid mosaic model is best described as a ________________________________________. phospholipid bilayer with embedded proteins
Prokayotes lack an organized ______________. nucleus
A long protein fiber containing organelle used in cell movement. flagella
A dense region of RNA within the nucleus responsible for ribosome production. nucleolus
Referred to as rough or smooth depending upon the presence of attached ribosomes. endoplasmic recticulum
The primary organelle of protein production. ribosomes or rough ER
Lipids and carbohydrates are produced here. smooth endoplasmic recticulum
Products of organelles are packaged here for secretion out of the cell. Golgi apparatus
Organelles containing hydrolytic enzymes used in intracellular digestion lysosome
What portions of the Endomembrane System would be involved in protein production and secretion? rough ER and Golgi apparatus
Fluid filled sacs used in liquid storage of compounds within a plant cell and taking up much of the cell's volume. central vacuole
List 3 cell structures found in plant cells but not animal cells. cell wall, central vacuoles, plastids
The primary organelles of ATP production. mitochondria and chloroplasts
The organelles that breakdown glucose and generate ATP during cellular respiration. mitochondria
Mitochondria release the energy stored in the chemical bonds of ________________. glucose
In plant cells, the organelles of photosynthesis. chloroplasts
In animal cells, the organelles of chromosomes movement during cell reproduction. centrioles
The long filament that moves a cell by whipping back and forth. flagella
The short hairlike structures that move fluid around the cell. cilia
What materials are found in a plant cell wall? cellulose, lignin, pectin
Cell to Cell junctions in animal cells that allow communication between cells. gap junctions
Electron microscope has more magnification capabilities but how is the compound light microscope more advantageous? lets you see living cells
the 2 major structural differences between prokaryotes and eukaryotes prokaryotes lack a nuclear membrane and membrane bound organelles
what is the major limitation in a cell's size? the surface area of the cell's plasma membrane verses the volume of the cytoplasm
what 2 domains are bacteria found in? Archaea and Bacteria
centrioles are not found in ____________ plant cells
a cell with extensive network of rough ER and ribosomes would likely be involved in the production of proteins
proteins remaining within the cytoplasm will be formed by what type of ribosome? free floating
proteins that will be exported from a cell are produced at which structure? rough ER
DNA can be found in these organelles nucleus, mitochondria, chloroplasts
2 most common types of plastids chloroplast, leucoplasts
what is responsible for movement of vesicles and organelles within the cell? microtubules and motor proteins
what structures in plant and animal cells allow materials to pass from cell to cell plasmodesmata in plants and gap junctions in animal cells
organelle converting light energy to ATP energy chloroplast
organelle converting food energy to ATP energy mitochondria
location of ribosomes producing proteins rough ER
organelle involved in digestion and disposal of molecules lysosome
organelle of aerobic respiration mitochondria
ribosomes often attach to what membrane ER
packing of secretory products occurs here Golgi Apparatus
involved in lipid production and protein transport from the cell ER
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