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Argylls Law 2

Thomas Jefferson state Virginia
First state to adopt the U.S. Constitution Delaware
King colonists resisted King George III
First ten amendments Bill of Rights
English documents used to construct U.S. Bill of Rights Magna Carta, Petition of Right, English Bill of Rights
Free speech amendment First
Right to a fair and speedy trial amendment sixth
Freedom of religion amendment First
Don't have to be a witness against themselves amendment Fifth
Personal, natural rights Civil Rights
Accused has a right of a proper hearing and adequate notice Due Process
Tax to vote Poll tax
Amendment that freed slaves to vote 15th
The amendment that gave women the right to vote 19th
This amendment gave 18 year olds the right to vote 26th
Three branches of our checks and balances system legislative, executive, judicial
Given the power to hear impeachment cases Senate
Makes up the legislative branch Congress
Head of the executive branch President
Head of the judicial branch U.S. Supreme Court
Change in the constitution amendment
State regulated commerce intrastate commerce
Free from external control Sovereignty
Our type of democracy Republic
Department that started the Internet Defense
HTML Hypertext Markup Language
Laws concerning the Internet Cyberlaws
Statutes that deal with jurisdiction between two citizens from different states Long arm statutes
Roth V. US and Miller V. California deal with this Obscene materials
Amendment in which the government make buy private property with just compensation Fifth
Created by: rholloway