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Chapter 14

History and Cultures of Russia

The emperors of Russia were called __________. czars
Mikhail Gorbachev introduced __________, which was aimed at boosting the Soviet economy. perestroika
__________ were farm laborers who could be bought and sold with the land. Serfs
Early Russians developed a strong __________, which means passing stories by word of mouth from generation to generation. oral tradition
Russia's newest holiday, Independence Day, marks its declaration of __________ from the Soviet Union. autonomy
The Russian Empire eventually fell to a revolution due mostly to __________. widespread hunger and suffering
When Communist leaders took control of Russia and renamed it the Soviet Union, they established a ___________. government controlled economy
The Russian people's sense of nationalism __________. is reflected in many artistic works
Russia's many good hockey players and gymnasts are partly a result of the country's ___________. cold climate
Created by: akennon