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Geography chapters 12-13 crap

crap other crap
multicultural having one or more cultures
refugee people who flee to a foreign country for safety
city-state in ancient Greece, independent community consisting of a city and the surrounding lands, where democracy first developed
feudalism a system in which powerful lords gave land to nobles in the return for pledges and loyalty
Crusades a series of religious wars to win Palestine from Muslim rule
Renaissance a 300-year period of learning and the arts
reformation a religious movement that lessened the power of the Roman catholic church and led to the beginning of Protestantism
communism an economic and political system designed to establish classless societies in which workers would control industrial production
Holocaust the mass killing of 6 million European Jews and others by Germany's Nazi leaders
cold war a power struggle between the Communist world, led by the U.S.
dialect local forms of language
language family a group of related languages that developed from an earlier language
Romanticism art form that tried to show feelings and emotions
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