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Greek Vocab 1

Open University A275 Greek Vocab 1

*ἐλθέ (imperat. sing.) come!
*λέμβος -ου, ὁ boat, life-boat
*νεώριον -ου, τό dockyard
*οἴμοι alas! oh dear!
*ῥαψῳδός -οῦ, ὁ rhapsode
*τὰ ναυτικά lit. ‘the naval-things’, naval matters
*τὰ στρατηγικά lit. ‘the leader’s-things’, leadership, generalship
*τὰ στρατιωτικά lit. ‘the soldier’s-things’, military matters
ἀεί always
ἀκούω hear, listen to (+ gen. of person/thing) (+ acc. of sound)
ἀκριβῶς accurately, closely
ἀκρόπολις -εως, ἡ the Acropolis
ἀληθῆ -ῶν, τά (neut. pl. of ἀληθής = true) the truth
ἀλλά but
ἀναβαίνω go up, come up
ἄνθρωπος ‐ου, ὁ man, fellow
ἀπό (+ gen.) from, away from
ἀποθνῄσκω die
ἀποχωρέω go away, depart
ἆρα; ? indicates question
ἄριστος‐η‐ον best, very good
βαθέως deeply
βαίνω go, come, walk
βλέπω look (at)
βοηθέω (+ dat.) run to help, help
γάρ for
γε at least, at any rate
γῆ -ῆς, ἡ land
γιγνώσκω know, think, resolve
δέ and, but
δεῦρο here, over here
δῆλος-η-ον clear, obvious
δηλόω show, reveal
διὰ τί; why?
διώκω pursue
δύω sink
ἐγώ I
ἔγωγε I at least, for my part
εἰμί be (I am etc.)
εἰς (+ acc.) to, into, onto
εἰσβαίνω enter, board, go onto
ἐκ, ἐξ (+ gen.) out of
Ἕλλην -ηνος, ὁ Greek
ἔμπειρος-ον skilled, experienced
ἐμπόριον -ου, τό market-place
ἐν (+ dat.) in, on, among
ἔπειτα then, next
ἔργον -ου, τό task, job, work, duty
ἔχω have, hold
ἡμεῖς we
ἡμέτερος-α-ον our(s)
θάλαττα -ης, ἡ sea
καί and, also
κακός-ή-όν bad, evil, mean, cowardly, lowly
κακῶς badly, evilly
καλός-ή-όν fine, beautiful, good
καλῶς well, finely, beautifully
καταβαίνω go down, come down
κυβερνήτης -ου, ὁ captain, helmsman
λέγω speak, say, tell, mean
μέν ... δέ on the one hand ... on the other hand
μένω remain, wait for
μή no, not, don’t
μῶρος-α-ον stupid, foolish
ναί yes
ναῦς, νεώς, ἡ ship
ναύτης ‐ου, ὁ sailor
νῦν now
ὁ ἡ τό the
οἶδα know
ὁράω see
ὅτι that
οὐ, οὐκ, οὐχ no, not
οὐδέν nothing
οὖν so, really, then, therefore
παίζω (πρός + acc.) play, joke at
Παρθενών -ῶνος, ὁ the Parthenon
περί (+ acc.) about
πλέω sail
πλοῖον ‐ου, τό vessel, ship
ποῖ; where?
ποιέω make, do
πολλά many things (neut. pl. of πολύς)
ποῦ; where
πρός (+ acc.) to, towards
πῶς γὰρ οὔ of course
ῥίπτω throw
σαφῶς clearly
σεαυτόν yourself (sing.)
στρατηγός -οῦ, ὁ general
σύ you (sing.)
σῴζω save, keep safe
σῶος-α-ον safe
σωτηρία -ας, ἡ safety, salvation
τε ... καί both ... and
τί; what?
τίς; who?
ὑμεῖς you (pl.)
φεύγω run off, flee
φίλος ‐ου, ὁ friend
φίλος-η-ον dear, friendly, one’s own
φροντίζω think, worry
O (when addressing someone, as in ‘O Socrates’)
ὡς how!
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