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Example of an extrusive igneous rock that floats pumice
What forms in nature, is a solid, has a definite chemical make up and a crystal structure? mineral
type or rock that forms when molten rock or lava cools igneous rock
the process in which existing rock changed by heat and pressure metamorphism
NC state rock granite
What forms when an igneous rock cools slowly? large crystals
materials like rock pieces, minerals, and plant remains that settle out of water or air sediments
process by which natural forces break down rocks weathering
a naturally forming solid made of one or more types of minerals rock
speed of cooling of an extrusive igneous rock fast
original rock that was changed into a new metamorphic rock parent rock
extrusive igneous rock made of natural glass but no minerals obsidian
What forms when an extrusive igneous rock cools fast? little or no crystals
What happens to molten material to form an igneous rock? cooling
Type of sedimentary rock made of plant remains but no minerals coal
place where metamorphic rocks form deep in earth
What happens for an existing rock to form a new igneous rock? melting
Set of natural processes that form, change, break down, and reform rocks rock cycle
rate of cooling of an igneous rock to form large crystals slow
process of sediment getting picked up and moved from one place to another erosion
type of rock where loose pieces of sediment get pressed and cemented together sedimentary
most likely place to find igneous rocks near volcano
rock that forms under intense heat and pressure and changes into new rock metamorphic
type of igneous rock that cools from lava extrusive
arrangement of minerals in a metamorphic rock that are in flat, parallel bands foliation
place most likely to find sedimentary rocks near bodies of flowing water
type of rock that forms large crystals intrusive
inorganic solid material found in nature mineral
usually made of 2 or more minerals. rock
How many minerals have been identified? 4,000+
have solid materials arranged in a repeating pattern. They can have smooth surfaces, sharp edges, and points. crystals
Common table salt is the mineral __________, and it is made of tiny cube crystals. halite
breaking of a mineral, which is caused by weaknesses within the mineral's arrangement of atoms. cleavage
This mineral can reflect light and split into thin sheets. mica
when minerals break with rough, jagged edges (ex. quartz) fracture
scratching a mineral sample across an unglazed white tile is a ______ test. streak
When conducting a streak test, is the streak always the same color as the mineral? No
how light reflects from a mineral's surface (ex. shiny, dull, pearly) luster
This characteristic is determined by the Moh's scale. hardness
classifies minerals from 1 to 10 Moh's scale
a Moh's scale score of 1 means that the mineral is ________. soft
a Moh's scale score of 10 means that the mineral is _______. hard
minerals that are rare and valuable- they can be cut and polished and have no blemishes or cracks and have beautiful luster and or color. gems
A mineral which contains something useful and sold for profit contains this. ore
produced when melted rock cools (can be intrusive or extrusive) igneous rocks
When volcanoes erupt in fissures, the lava cools very quickly and does not allow crystals to form. These types of rocks usually has a glassy and smooth appearance. extrusive
These kinds of rocks are formed when magma cools slowly below the earths surface. Minerals in magma have time to produce large crystals. intrusive
liquid rock below the surface of the earth magma
liquid rock above the surface of the earth lava
made when pieces of other rocks, plant, and animal matter, or dissolved minerals collect to form layers sedimentary rocks
these form over millions of years from biomass (ex. coal and chalk and limestone, which is made from fossils of tiny animals and algae) biochemical rocks
old rock that changes by heat or pressure, and changes into new hard, dense rock. (recycled) metamorphic rock
metamorphic rock that has bands of minerals foliated
metamorphic rocks that have no distinct layers non-foliated
the cutest, most clever, and witty girl in the whole wide world (or at least in Youngsville...) Hint: She has a high shiny luster and a cleavage on her bottom. Gabrielle BK Valentine
produced when melted rock cools (and can be intrusive or extrusive.)
the parent rock who helps her daughter study millions of science words, braids her hair, and cooks the best soup, and she broke off into a smaller, equally as clever, fashionable, and sassy daughter rock Nikki Valentine
Created by: Mrs.Valentine