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FS - fingerprints

fingerprint review patterns

What are minutiae? Fingerprint patterns or unique features in fingerprints? unique features
How many unique features are found on most fingerprints? about 150
List the three main fingerprint patterns or classes loops, whorls, and arches
What are the groups or types of arches? plain arches and tented arches
What are the groups or types of loops? right slant and left slant loops
What are the groups or types of whorls? central pocket, plain whorl, double loop, accidental
What is a delta in a fingerprint? the place where ridge patterns divide
What does AFIS stand for? Automated Fingerprint Identification System
What is live scan? A computerized way to collect fingerprints from a suspect
What are the 3 principles of fingerprints? 1 - fingerprint patterns do not change during a person's lifetime 2 - fingerprints are unique to each person 3 - fingerprints can be put into classes and categorized
What percent of fingerprints are loops? 60 - 65%
What percent of fingerprints are whorls? 30 - 35%
What percent of fingerprints are arches? About 5%
Which layer of skin is the top layer? epidermis
Which layer of skin is directly under the epidermis? Papillae
Which layer of skin contains the sweat glands? dermis
Which layer of skin determines the ridge patterns? papillae
What term describes the opening of the sweet ducts? sweat pores
What is a latent fingerprint? Prints invisible to the naked eye made by sweat and oils on the skin
What is a visible print? Prints created by ridges touching a colored material such as blood, paint, grease, or ink
What are plastic prints? Prints left in soft material such as wax, soap, dust.
Created by: lb goodlock